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Fourth Grade, Gino Sechetin and the Last Lunch: “Maybe then in the room…”

Fourth Grade, Gino Sechetin and the Last Lunch: “Maybe then in the room…”

On Women's Day, the Quarto Grado team decided to open the episode by hosting Gino Cecchetin, the father of Giulia, who first disappeared with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta, in the studio. The 22-year-old's story kept everyone in suspense for hours, drawing a line between before and after, sparking a much-needed debate on femicide. “You haven't used a single word towards Filippo's parents. Would you like to meet them?”: This is how the presenter Gianluigi Nuzzi began. “I recognized their thoughts, and I thought of the loneliness that these two parents feel because they are the parents of a murderer. If I don't have a positive feeling for these parents, who else can? Let's help them, be there. Close to them,” replied the father of the young Venetian girl, whose life It was quickly snapped up.

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At that moment Gianluigi Nuzzi moved the discussion to Giulia and asked if they had picked up any emergency signals at home. “She was always Giulia. In her bedroom she could cry without peace”, said Gino Cechettin, then he continued: “The last lunch, as I say in the book, was a casual one, where we talked and laughed. There was no television in the dining room, so we We talk and laugh. Giulia was happy as always”, admitted the author of the open letter and conversation. with his daughter.