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Landings, Italy is already collapsing.  But the NGO is bringing in another 315 illegal immigrants

Landings, Italy is already collapsing. But the NGO is bringing in another 315 illegal immigrants

Last Saturday, after the inactivity of the Ministry of Interior, the evacuation of the Lampedusa hotspot began. The center was designed to host up to 2,000 people Illegal immigrants In very poor condition. It was necessary for the local administration to raise its voice and so did the police force operating there, forced to work under conditions of extraordinary degradation. But as efforts are made to free the Cala Impriacola hotspot, which is forecast to refill with landings in the next few days, the ship will continue to operate despite the pressure our country is under. Geo Parents The NGO Doctors Without Borders has already positioned itself with a request in front of Italian beaches. Safe harbor. “Now a positive answer must be given“, says the NGO.

The ship is currently 14 miles off the Italian coast Augusta, one of the most reserved ports for NGOs. Their hope is that the port will be reserved for the 314 migrants on board to disembark in the next few hours. It is now clear that it will be an Italian port: although there are many countries that overlook the Mediterranean basin, NGOs are not looking for other countries. Or rather, Gio Parens made a request to Malta, knowing full well that the island nation’s authorities would never respond to the request, so he decided to start pressing against Italian borders, even if he was flying a foreign flag.

Jio Parents, in particular, flies the Norwegian flag, so the 314 Scandinavian country on board will already be considered welcome. Italy should only play the role of a bridge country, where migrants touch down and undergo health checks before being transferred to Norway. But this has never happened, and it will never happen again, our country must take responsibility for immigrants and distribute them on its own. Welcome Centers.

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Meanwhile, 150 of the 600 migrants who disembarked in Porto Empedocle from the ship San Marco, which took them from Lampedusa, have been received. Way sheet. They are mostly Tunisian citizens, they do not have the right to stay in our country without documents, therefore, who, Expelled. This is a completely formal process whereby they are ordered to leave Italy within 5 days. This does not happen openly and migrants are free to move around the entire region incognito.