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Kosovo, NATO deploys 600 troops  Serbian Defense Minister: “Ready to Invade”.  US: “Withdraw Troops”

Kosovo, NATO deploys 600 troops Serbian Defense Minister: “Ready to Invade”. US: “Withdraw Troops”

Germany: “Ready to act if necessary”

Germany is closely following the tensions between Serbia and Kosovo and is ready to act “if necessary”. This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. “We are monitoring the situation,” Pistorius said, and did not rule out increasing the contribution of German soldiers to NATO peacekeeping. As did Great Britain. Pistorius said in Braunschweig that Germany “can act very quickly” if this becomes necessary.

Serbian Defense Minister: “Ready to Invade”

Defense Minister Miloš Vucevic told a press conference that the Serbian armed forces would enter the territory of the Republic of Kosovo if they received an order from the Serbian president to enter the territory of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the Republika Srpska. The armed forces will carry out this task efficiently, professionally and successfully.”

US: “Serbia must withdraw troops from border”

“The withdrawal of Serbian troops from the border with Kosovo would be a welcome step.” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said this at a press conference, recalling Friday’s conversation between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

there was born 600 British soldiers will be deployed Kosovo After the armed conflict, there was a serious escalation in the conflict with Serbia. The reinforcements came from reserve forces deployed by the coalition in Kosovo to deal with tensions in the region.

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Kosovo-Serbia, Putin and Tensions in the Balkans: “Thus the Tsar Opens a New Front Against the West”

“Britain is deploying around 200 soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment to join the 400-strong British contingent already training in Kosovo, with further reinforcements from other allies to follow,” BORN spokesman Dylan White said. . “This decision follows a violent attack on Kosovo police on September 24 and heightened tensions in the region,” he added, without apparently referring to Washington’s statement on Friday about the Serbian military build-up on the Kosovo border.