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Marelli, Crevalcore closure process suspended. Company: “Sent to consultant to seek buyers”


milan – Marelli Crevalcore has expressed its willingness to suspend the process of closing the factory indefinitely. This is the indication from today’s meeting at Italy’s Ministry of Commerce and Production. “First of all, thanks to the mobilization of workers from all Italian factories, albeit small, and thanks to the solidarity of public companies,” said Gianluca Fico, Uilm national secretary responsible for the automotive sector, and Stefano Lombardi, general secretary. Uilm from Bologna.

The company has been suspended, but not withdrawn, pending acquisition of new investors. The venture has hired Marelli consultants. The company – we read in the note published at the end of the roundtable – “identify a solution to the proposal of Minister Urso to work in a joint roundtable with the government, Emilia-Romagna region and social partners. Protects the industrial and employment continuity of the Crevalcor site”. “Today’s meeting outlines the future of the Marelli plant in Crevalcore and its 229 employees,” the Commerce Minister said.

Fiom: “It’s not enough, mobilization continues”

However, a commitment by Fiom was not considered sufficient. “The indefinite suspension of the plant closing procedure is a first important decision and the result of the mobilization of workers across the group, but it is not enough. The dispute is not yet resolved,” said Fiom-Cigil National Secretary and Mobility Department Manager Samuel Lodi and Fiom-Cigil General Secretary Simone Selmi of Bologna. Explained in the note. “Agitation continues. Together with the workers we will decide on the initiatives to be implemented until the closure of the site is avoided and employment is guaranteed”.

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Company: “Difficulties in Transition”

The company – as far as we know – explained during the meeting that “objective problems connected with the transition, lack of orders and Stellandis unwillingness to work on ex-Fiat platforms”. Suspend the procedure to allow time to “seek an investor for the reindustrialization of the site.”


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