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Why cheer for America at the World Cup

Why cheer for America at the World Cup

Here is the second chapter of our global support. We have listed 5 reasons to cheer Canada on, Right? Here, now are 5 good reasons to support the American national team.

5 reasons to cheer America on at the World Cup

The first instantly gives birth to a spontaneous smile, because it immediately steals sympathy: except for the surprises (since there is still time for the call), Greg Berholder’s national team Younger in Qatar 2022. Better than Ecuador and Morocco, on the other two platforms: The average age is 24.3 years. The development process, step by step, with the work of academies, training centers like the one in Fort Lauderdale, joined hands with some European clubs to see New York City and the other half of the Big Apple. Talent is there, it needs to be fed.

The second reason has a name and surname: Christian Pulic. If Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, The Chelsea playmaker National Team of Stars and Stripes: Ball Balliper, the boy who only wanted tickets for his 16 years to go to former Dortmund’s Justin Bieber concert. Former champion of Europe and the world with the clubHe has scored 6 goals for the Blues this season and 21 goals in 47 games with the States. Hat-trick against Panama On the icing of this qualification.

Third? Now many of them Militant in Europe They wear the national team jersey… Well, before we see them. Like Pepi, like Psio, like Bellow, like Stephen. In short, For others we were when it was the football of the poor.

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Fourth, fourth, fourth … ah, yes: Greg Berholder. Because he was an American coach at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, an assistant to Geo’s father, Claudio Raina. Claudio also served as his wedding witness. He was later inducted into the Hall of Fame because he was the god of former Boston Red Sox baseball player Carl Yastrzemsky. The former rugby player, who was one of the best players in the last 2002 World Cup between the Netherlands, England and Germany in Europe, returns after 20 years with a substantially talented young national team.

And last … well, I’m not wearing it. Because? Because I want to say one more reason to cheer you up Canada.