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July, now is the date for a possible change of scenery; Updates have now arrived

Weather: July, now is the date for a possible change of scenery; Updates have now arrived

There are messages on the horizon …

Screenings for the month of JulyThe Hot and unusually hot Brought by the African anticyclone we call SharonItaly has not rested since May, and if there are no intervals of rapid thunderstorms, moreover, only a few areas will be affected. Well, these weather-weather conditions They will last through the first half of July: However, the latest weather updates confirm the possibility Landscape change In the middle of the new month, there will be direct effects in our country as well.
So will the real regular Mediterranean summer return?

But let’s go properly. The first days of July will be marked by another African fire With Temperature Weather forecast once again beyond average. Considering the interior of the Sahara Desert and the appearance of air masses, it seems that we have to deal with values ​​that are still very high and above average. In practice, At least until July 6th, It is at risk of becoming a recurring heat wave from the heart of Africa, with peaks ready to erupt above 35 C வால் படனாIn the domestic areas of the two The main islands (Here it can even touch 42/43 C) and as a part Center.

The most interesting news, however, is about a possible change in the situation expected in mid-July. In practice, we can see a reversal of the synoptic front by returning to the styleResistance to Azores This will change the really hot Africans. We are talking about a part Semi-permanent high pressure of marine origin, Usually in the Atlantic Ocean always near homogeneous islands with average maximum pressure. This is usual Characterized by low thermal values (Temperature or slightly above average) In the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, temperatures above water rarely exceed + 25 ° C, precisely because of its position relative to its African counterpart.
So the mass of the air will be much denser and heavier (Significant amount of humidity) controls the resulting temperature rise (higher thermal stability). All areas that embrace it tend to enjoy the prevailing good weather conditions. If this is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect weather and sunny weather to be moderate or slightly above normal. Very hot yes, but the African hurricane that rises up to the stars without overheating and without heat happened last season.

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Finally, given the maximum pressure in the Atlantic, they do not have to be excluded. Intrusions, Mostly In average discrepancies, Cold and wet currents from west / northwest. The result is having a higher one Chance of thunderstorms in the afternoonConvection type, especially in reliefs and nearby plains, The classic of our summer.

The Azores anticyclone may return by the middle of the monthThe Azores anticyclone may return by the middle of the month