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Intensive care beds are being filled: the Foundation warns of a “complicated situation”


Intensive care beds are filled
Charade warns of a “complicated situation.”

Germany continues to have a firm grip on the third corona wave: the number of infections is increasing. In addition, more and more Govt patients should be treated in intensive care units. The Berlin Foundation now sounds the alarm: if the trend continues, the hospital will reach its limits.

The Berlin Foundation is watching the progress of the third wave of epidemics with great concern. “If the number of seriously ill covit patients exceeds the second wave, we are in a worse situation,” said Martin Grease, a health care board member at Germany’s largest university hospital.

At the beginning of the year, a large number of severe Govt cases in the intensive care units of the Foundation reached a full range. For example, in January, the Foundation could not accept that all patients from clinics in other federal states were already overloaded. However, there is no need to move corona sufferers to other federal states. “We will continue to do everything we can to care for patients from the region in Berlin,” Greece said.

Grease said the number of new entrants to Charida intensive care units has risen significantly in the past two weeks. People in their 30s and 60s who were previously less likely to be vaccinated are particularly vulnerable. “The trend is clear, and it motivates us to react,” the team member said. A reserve intensive care unit was fully reopened. In addition, deferred predictable actions have been canceled.

The clinic staff is exhausted

Since a large portion of the Foundation’s staff has already been vaccinated, there is now less concern in clinics that staff will disappear due to their own infections or isolation. The mood was because there was a significant willingness to accept the new challenge, Grease said. However, there are also signs of fatigue and sadness about corona deaths in a section of workers.

So far, one-third of ventilated goiter patients have died in Charita. A large portion of the intensive care beds within the Foundation should be kept free, including medical staff needed for emergencies that have nothing to do with the infection. Thanks to good health feedback, patients with other illnesses need not fear that they will be treated at Charita during infections, Greece stressed.

Emergency doctors warned on Friday that there was an overload of Berlin intensive care units in the third wave of infections. Stephen Weber-Gorstens, director of medical-science at the German Intermediate Institute for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DVI) registry, said there was already a dramatic burden at the moment. Over the past three weeks, there have been a further 100 ventilated Govt patients in Berlin in the intensive care units. There are currently about 280. There are only 90 in the charity that treats the most severe cases. Infections are on the rise as a result of new additions.

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