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"He taught me everything. I only gave it to him."

“He taught me everything. I only gave it to him.”

AGORDO – Luxottica is like the one in the world right now 80,000 employees. But even the longest series always starts from zero point: in the great history that came from Accordo, coincides with the Big Bang. Serial No. 1 From Dino Torico, The first worker to be hired by Leonardo del Vecchio. “It was 1961 and me I am 17 years old: I’ve spent half my life in that factory Today he is 78 years oldLeaving the album of memories with his wife Marcella in the living room of their apartment just outside the town center.

Certificate of Authenticity: “Greatest Respect Among Us”

Hanging on the wallCertificate of authenticity, 256th Uninterrupted Activity by Del Vecchio in 1986. “But really since I retired in 1995, the total number of years of work is 34”. On the coffee table in front of the sofa is a framed photograph of a two-year-old man immortalized, except for a copy of the Gazette, which has pages dedicated to the disappearance of the owner of the Luxotica. They hug each other and laugh Hand. “We were at one of the last ceremonies before Kovit. The boss told me: You are welcome. To which I: Hip you. Laugh more », says Torigo, one of those who has been recognized for generations Give yourself to the founder Of the company. “To be honest, I was a boss when I met him and I was a little scared of him. But think about it, he was a little more than a boy. However, there was always great respect for the characters among us: he was the boss and I was the employee.

100 liers per hour and extra time

From their first meeting, the former blue shirt holds a period image: the small workshop, over time, will be incorporated into the larger factory. Six Fiat parked Outside, including three missed 500s. சக My fellow countryman, Adorino Curti, who later became mayor, told me that they were looking for young people of their choice in the newly opened company. I was a trainer in a workshop for two years, but I needed a real job, so he gave me a card. Qualified worker. That’s not really true, but oh, I went to type anyway. Del Vecchio opened the door for me. He told me: Here you can do as much as you want. He taught me everything: creating axes, assembling stems. During the day we delivered goods to Metalflex in Venus de Gator, its partners Chechi Da Cortà and Elio and Vittorio Toscani. But at night the boss stayed to prepare for our new company. Thus the serial number 2 was taken by Ettore Schina and the serial number 3 by Pietro Gonadora. We worked 10 hours a day with pay, including Saturday and Sunday mornings 100 Lear per hour. More time? Even 150 hours a month ….

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A handshake between Del Vecchio and Torrico in 1986

Wedding: Chicken and Potatoes and a short trip to Ortisei

Ten years later, on September 11, 1971, Dino and Marcella were married. “We’re definitely not rich, the wedding party was in a restaurant: Chicken and potatoes. On a Saturday evening, Mr. Leonardo came to see us. He looked at me: even if you are married, you do not have to go on your honeymoon. On Sunday morning two newlywed couples went to Artisak, but by noon we were already back. Here is ours Honeymoon: On Monday I came back to Luxotica. After all, the president was like that: he wanted a lot because he wanted to be the best, he had the ambition to be the first in everything.

At work despite the earthquake

Torico has a story to tell about that passion: “On the evening of May 6, 1976, we were all busy preparing for the factory. Boxes for Mido (International Optical Exhibition, ed.). At one point we felt everything tremble: then, as we find out, that was it Friuli earthquake, Even in Venito they have all gone to the street. But we were not loyal to him in packing to take a taxi to Milan. Many of my colleagues started their own businesses and hired them as subcontractors. At one point I thought about it too The family grew And costs. But the boss told me: No, I need you in the factory. So I stayed until I retired. Later my daughters joined Laxmotica: Maria Gracia in Milan for some time, and still Ticiana in Accordo. Now that Del Vecchio is dead I know I have little to worry about in the future. But his right hand is still there Luigi FrancovillaSo I think there will be no uprisings.

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