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Italy is still a hostage in the Mediterranean, other clouds in the next hour 3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

Evening update. Bad weather in Sardinia and Sicily continues to intensify. Tropani and Agrigento, though severely affected Heavy rain and thundershowers, Now come out and are under the starry sky, the provinces of Messina, Catania and Syracuse are now to worry about. As expected from the storm line, this area discharges large amounts of water, already above 50 mm locally in the interior of Syracuse. The situation will not change in the next few hours, with bad weather continuing to dominate the same areas, Pay attention. It will also rain in the northern parts of Sardinia and Cagliari, where there have been lightning strikes, but no damage or inconvenience has been reported so far. It is best on the peninsula, slightly cloudy in the north, but in arid climates. Speech applicable to Tuscany, Adriatic regions and Basilicata. Some rain on the beaches of Lazio, Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria.

Bad weather in the central and northern parts of Sardinia. In the afternoon, heavy rains and thunderstorms lashed the central-northern parts of Satinia, mainly covering the Tyrrhenian side. A series of events, especially in the Nooras area, Rainfall from midnight to 30 mm, but may also occur in the East Cochlear region. Spikes greater than 45 mm in the Olbia region.

Reversal and storm in Middle East Sicily. During the afternoon, rain and thunderstorms certainly dropped their grip on the western parts of the island and concentrated in the eastern parts. These are local extreme events heading north from Syracuse Bluviometric accumulations up to 54 mm are mainly excreted in domestic areas, including the Enna area, which is reported only in the afternoon. Due to today’s heavy rain, a major landslide was reported in Porto Palo de Menfie in western Aggregent, which is demonstrated by the following video:

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Sicily, Ragusano in a very serious reverse view. Bad weather in the morning concentrated above all in the southeastern part of the region and the maximum rainfall accumulation in the Ragusa region was 20 mm in just three hours. Inconveniences over much of the territory of Trabanis and the Aguirre region, even though some bright spells occur in the western part of the island in the morning.

Sciacca (AG) status in the following videos:

Favara (AG) situation in the following video:

Sardinia, inversion and temporals intensify. In the morning The weather in the Tyrrhenian region has become much worse Heavy rains and thunderstorms intensified in Sardinia, advancing inland from the coast and now reaching most of the Saசாரsare area. Since the beginning of the day, rainfall accumulation has exceeded 20 mm accumulated mainly in the coastal areas of East Cochlear and Norace.

Situation. A Mediterranean vortex is located in the west of Italy and forms an intense front structure around its center, engaging a part of our western part even with extreme bad weather. Very constantly in the grip of rain Northwest, Sardinia, central Tyrrhenian regions and Sicily, Thundershowers on two large islands. In the eastern regions, on the other hand, the most stable weather, protected from hurricanes from Eastern Europe, extends to the Balkans and the Adriatic.

Important issues in Sicily. With part Sicily, in the worst extreme weather ever Major problems in rain, thunderstorms, storms and the Mid-West sector, In the last hours we have seen a decline in events in the Trapani area. Floods, landslides and floods, As well as in the area of ​​Tropani, and in the area of ​​Agrigento, Yet in the early hours of the morning in the grip of very severe bad weather and bluviometric accumulations in the last 12 hours alone almost 100 mm of rain fell on the west coast. Cars damage, flooding, landslides and flooding on roads and highways have been reported.

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Weak time in Sardinia. The front line leading up to Tyrrhenian reached Sardinia early this morning It starts from its Tyrrhenian side with thunderstorms and rain. The western part of the island, on the other hand, is arid, where the sky is cloudy with high layers bordering the Tyrrhenian side.

Reverse in Lazio. The same front, which includes Sardinia, creates bad weather from mid-Tyrrhenian to the peninsular coast, especially with rain spreading to Lazio. It is raining in Rome too But some of the rain goes east to the interior of Abruzzo and north to the lower reaches of Tuscany. Around the capital, there is a huge rainfall accumulation, with values ​​ranging from midnight to 30 mm.

It continues to rain in the Nordovest region. It has been raining west of Boots since Wednesday Wednesday in the northwest due to the action of the front north branch in the northwest. In the last 24 hours, the Turin Alps received almost 90 mm of rain. Although it is raining in the Kunio area today, the West Piedmont area is the most affected by these events. Snowfall has risen significantly, The scales were pushed over 2000 meters due to the arrival of mild cyclone currents triggered by a cyclone in the west of the peninsula.

Next hour weather. There will be light in the Northeast and Romagna, while thickening will last in the Northwest Some rain in western Piedmont and western Liguria. Unstable in central-northern Tyrrhenian regions It often rains and rains in the morning and subsides in the afternoon, alternating with intermittent bright spells. Dry weather and bright writing, even larger in the southern Tyrrhenian field. On the central-south Adriatic side, irregular clouding, albeit with bright letters in Salendo. Partly rainy, but only in the morning in the interior of March and Abruzzo, then out. Strong instability in Sardinia Showers and thundershowers and thundershowers will spread from the Tyrrhenian side to the west, intensifying even with possible storms, but will subside in the evening in the southern regions. Strong instability in Sicily Rain, thunderstorms and storms will accumulate in the Middle East and cause local hydro-geological problems, while progress will affect the western part of the region. Twenty Cherokee Studies in the Western Hemisphere. Rising temperature. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. Up to evolution Click here for the weekend.

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The weather is coming hours
The weather is coming hours

To monitor rainfall, their intensity and evolution, access all available Italian radars and collect them in this special section >> Radar.

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