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Little Matthias, 11, suffers from goiter: "The next decisive day"

Little Matthias, 11, suffers from goiter: “The next decisive day”

The positions are fixed by the force of gravity Matthias, Little boy 11 years Positive Govt And pediatric intensive care at the hospital from November 8th Santopono. The young man (Naples) from Krakw is serious Respiratory problems And its terms are essentially standard: Infiltrates and helps with mechanical ventilation. The boy came to the hospital when the condition was already so bad by the doctors that he could not be transferred to the hospital. கொடுக்னோ, Specializes in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Mattias is being treated with the help of specialists from Colli Hospital in Cotugno. “The baby is stable in terms of gravity and severity, he depends on the mechanical ventilation of the injector and his vital parameters,” said Vincenzo Tipo, director of UOC Emergency Pediatrics, First Aid and OBI AORN. Santophono-Pacilipan of Naples. “The resurgent colleagues are doing everything they can and are closely monitoring the situation. We can get a clearer picture in the next few days,” he added.

“As far as Govt – he clarifies – there is no increase in the number of cases registered in the region, including the general incidence and the number of children admitted to the hospital. Currently, except for the 11-year-old boy who is in intensive care, We do not have any other children admitted to the hospital for Govt disease. In some ways this is a peaceful situation because there is no pressure on the cowboy at the hospital, so health care. Infections have increased among children, but this is a reading of the bulletin of the whole region, ”he added.

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“Since Kovit started in this hospital, we have only had two children in intensive care for similar problems. Two out of 400 children are hospitalized with Govt disease“Unfortunately, the covid is still little known today. Expression and exacerbation are linked to the aggression of the virus but above all to the sequence of factors linked to the prognosis of the organism. Genetic and immune factors still play a key role. Why does he shrink the most radical forms? ”He concludes.