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"That's why Berlusconi is right about No Vox."

“That’s why Berlusconi is right about No Vox.”

“It simply came to our notice then. As for the public service it is defamatory and makes the payment of fees discouraging. “Michael Ansaldi, vice president of Italy Viva and a member of the Roy Oversight Commission, has no doubt about the need to avoid clashes between Novax and vaccinators on Roy networks,” he said. Today Aldo Grosso even says it in a more documented way.

Mr. Ansaldi, you believe it is appropriate to have Sconce in the project Cordobianca By Bianca Berling?

“Sconce, who supported Conte’s rallies during the election campaign, has been confirmed by the Arezzo State Attorney’s Office to have avoided the tax on vaccination before he’s entitled to it. Providers and editors are scientifically seeking an accurate tour company, and that too is highly paid, only to hear the chaos and the TV chicken. But what has this got to do with public television licensing fees? “

Do you think there is a difference in how Novax operates on public and private networks?

“There is information on private television. Rail has no general information. With the dramatic problem of infection, the situation is even worse. Silvio Berlusconi He said a sacred thing because even the most skilled, who are not even known to ordinary physicians, can speak. A person who has worked in a bank or in communications all his life can not argue with a scientist who, after reading two articles the previous day, receives information about corporate sites and participates in international conferences. After Berlusconi’s words, we see that information on MediaSet has changed and broadcasts are more moderate, we listen to scientists, and above all there is no shouting or insulting. “

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Would you like to comment on yesterday’s Roy appointments?

“The rotating names are always the same but the appointments are good. But if I allow myself, it’s a fundamental stage of yesterday’s reform, and it finally arrives in Italy. We will change from directors to 5. And, after ten years of deliberation, it finally eliminates மில்லியன் 6 million worth of night-time tiggì-like waste other than a copy of 19. This is a definite step towards reform. Roy It is safe from an economic point of view and from a performance point of view.

So is this a historical column?

“Yes, you can save Roy if you go like this, thanks to the new majority, namely Forza Italia and Lega, who voted in favor of revealing the director of TGR. The biggest reform in the last 10 years has been made with a new majority, with both the Democrats and the M5S abstaining. Synquestelle companies had to open like a can of tuna, and at the moment of having to pierce this can, they withdrew. With this new majority, great things can be done. In fact, I expect a plea from everyone to ask the cdr to withdraw the 29th strike. With 4 to 3 votes in favor, there is no point in a strike, in a democracy, it must be counted. “

Ranuchi, Warriol and Magalli. Will all three cases damage Roy’s image?

“These incidents are, in part, part of the personal lives of individuals. Others are being investigated. It would be good for Roy to quickly clarify and allow punitive conduct and dismiss false allegations. On the other hand, there is a super commission and it will take little to verify. Ranuchi’s case should be clarified soon and we always guarantee his welfare .A private person will settle a similar matter in one day.

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