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Eurolega, Round 4

Euroleague, Round 4 | AX Armani Exchange Milano vs Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Big Assago Forum Match: undefeated Olympia hosts Efes, thrillingly at 0 wins after the first three rounds.

primary yeasts

Milan Delaney, Hall, Shields, Millie, Tarczyowski

Ephesus Larkin, Mikick, Moorman, Singleton, Petrosev

first four

Ives went 7-2 after Murman’s triple in the transition, Delaney’s fifth point, and a great point on one from Hall for 7-7 at 6.10. But Efes has the fearsome Petrosev, two blocks, and a triple of Singleton equals 16-7 at 1.50, even for Milan’s pedigree, who plays well in attack, but has a 3/14 shot, 2/11 from 2.. Three times from Hall, Datum and Chacho To respond to 9 Mick (16-21). Finish the first quarter.

second fourth

Jumper from Datome, 2/2 from Hines, Milan back to 20-21 at 8.34 but has Chacho and Delaney (on the highest 1500 points in the Euroleague career) with two fouls. Tensions escalated in the forum after a foul in a whistle attack against Grant (with a technician in Messina) and a defensive one at Datumi. Micic continues to hammer a hat-trick 20-28 (15 for him at 7.45). At 6.14 you are awarded two free throws to Efes for a non-existent foul by Mitoglou, but Milan is there and at 3.15 it is 32-34, with Mitoglou tied at 2.30 at 34-34. Triple by Shields to pass at 1.55 (37-34), with Greece recovering and Delaney firing for 39-34 (1.44, 11-0 partly for Messina’s men). Triple Shields 42-36 at 30 inches, which is the last time. 26-15 in IV, 9 by Shields, 15 by Micic.