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It is fortunate for these retirees that they will retire 5 years early

It is fortunate for these retirees that they will retire 5 years early

Early retirement is the dream of many workers. Today all this is possible. Let’s find out more about those who will be able to predict this for 5 years!

Pensioners in line –

When you reach a certain point, you no longer have the strength to do so a job And here’s why pension. Those who have worked most of their lives and have been able to pay the expected contributions will be able to receive monthly allowance Which will allow him to live without continuing his life work profession.

To be sure, all of this is often a source of debate, as politicians meddle again and again with the issue, trying to find some answers. Solution valid and permanent. Some time ago there was talk about the possibility of people retiring early. Here then who will be the lucky ones who will be able to get one discount for five years on work activity.

Terms of retirement in 2023

there pension It is a subject of very intense debate, being periodically subject to proposals on this topic Changes and clarifications. Over the years, a lot of things have changed, which is why try a little confusion allowed.


Under current law, anyone who wants to retire in 2023 must have some requirements defined by law. Generally, a worker can get retirement treatment once they reach the age of 67. Obviously there are discounts they can offer anticipate your retirement, For example The social bee And cucumber woman, But some very specific requests must be respected.

According to the latest directives you can order Ordinary early retirement Only if you have paid subscriptions of 42 years and 10 months for men and 41 years and 10 months for women.

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Is it possible to retire at 62?

The law also talks about the possibility of retirement five years in advance But, in this case too, that means having the necessary requirements to do so in a legal and safe way.


This solution responds to the name 103 shares It witnesses the payment of 41 years of subscriptions. It is a new proposal that will replace share 102, Even if the subscription age has increased by about 3 years since the last time.

Thus, people who have reached the age of 62 and have paid contributions for at least 41 years will be able to benefit from this A small discount of about 5 years. Hence, it is not a very big discount, but it is definitely something that can make a difference difference Especially for those jobs that are considered heavy.

Are there other ways to retire early?

As we said before, there are different ways to retire early, but you need to be well informed to avoid making mistakes. For any possibility it is in fact possible to connect Adequate And take care of yourself Who will be able to recommend moves to follow to discover alternatives Suitable for one person.

In addition to the classic reforms, there are major ones an opportunity For holders of scientific degrees. These people can claim the years allotted to Stady In order to scale it from the one made with work profession.

This option is defined as Degree salvation By resorting to this mechanism it will be possible Expected pension for 5 years As in the case described above. Obviously, this will only be possible in the case ordinary degree, While it will not be possible in the case specialty and more specific training courses.

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Not many people know this information, since it’s a reform that came into effect recently, but it sure can make a difference with time. But we don’t know anything about that entity of the pension allowance That all these people will realize.

theoretically the amount calculated byNational Institute of Social Security It shouldn’t be too different, as the applied discount will not be calculated by default. The amounts these retirees receive will almost certainly be similar to those of the national average and touch thresholds 1000 euros per month.

A rather small number that does not work to effectively cover all the expenses for the day. Perhaps the next sentence will describe the size of the figure and not just the range requirements in order to retire.