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This is what you see, a unique case in the world - Libero Quotidiano

This is what you see, a unique case in the world – Libero Quotidiano

“We have found the best-preserved pair of prehistoric skates,” Announced enthusiastically the team of ice archaeologists who are part of the “Ice Secrets” program. Scientists believe they belong to a pre-Viking skater, from the Iron Age: the find is exceptional in its own way because the skates are perfectly preserved, complete with original laces. It was discovered in southern Norway, specifically in Rheinheimen National Park and dates back to more than three thousand years ago.


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By the way, the discovery required many years of research, given that The couple were not reunited until after seven years: In 2014, the first ski was intercepted, and since then the ice area has been constantly monitored, hoping that sooner or later the second ski will come out thanks to some melt. And so it was: in fact, to the surprise of the researchers, the second was better preserved than the first. This is why the team of archaeologists said they were excited and called the discovery “unbelievable.”

But how are these skates made? “Handmade and not mass-produced,” wrote Lars Bellow on the Ice Secrets website, they had a uniquely long history of wear and repair before an Iron Age skater used them all together and ended up in the ice. Saved links are extremely rare. In fact, when the first skate appeared in 2014 it was Only the second of its kind in the world“.

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