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If you suffer from this common pathology, you are entitled to a check for 523 euros from the INPS.

If you suffer from this common pathology, you are entitled to a check for 523 euros from the INPS.

Italian citizens who unfortunately suffer from this common pathology can receive a check for 523 euros.

The doctor measures the pressure –

This year saw significant progress in the field of treatments and procedures Disability Pension.

Legal provisions for social assistance provided to persons with partially or totally reduced working capacity will undergo significant changes in 2023.

The application procedure has undergone some changes and simplifications as compared to the earlier practice. Also, the amounts have been adjusted according to the rate of inflation Budget Act 2023.

Note: It is important to remember that Disability Pension is granted only to those diagnosed with certain conditions. Pathology is officially serious by INPS.

We take Thyroid: This pathology affects many Italians, a total of five million people suffer from it.

It reflects About 10% of the total populationThe endocrine gland that sits in front of the trachea highlights the truly significant impact of this disorder.

Thyroid: A gland necessary for the body

This gland plays an important role in various body functions. It not only regulates but also ensures metabolic functions Proper functioning of cellsBut it plays an important role in neurodevelopment, physical development and cardiovascular function.


Also, thyroid affects bone formation and growth. Mood, muscle strength and emphasizing its far-reaching effects on fertility, overall health and well-being.

In light of the above, the impact of thyroid dysfunction on the body should not be underestimated.

fatigue, asthenia, Weakness, cold intolerance, difficulty concentratingMemory loss and insomnia are all signs of an underactive thyroid gland.

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Check 523 euros from INPS for people with thyroid disease

In many cases, the effects of such a condition are very weak. For this reason a bonus of 523 euros for citizens affected by this pathology must be requested directly from the INPS.

If thyroid gland dysfunction leads to a person’s debilitating condition, he may be eligible for disability pension.

A recognized disability percentage is included Between 74 and 100%.

In such cases, the recipients can receive a monthly amount ranging from a minimum of 291.95 euros to a maximum. 523.82 Euros for a period of thirteen months.

Check 523 euros
523 Check

Higher rates are usually associated with more severe thyroid conditions, including hyperthyroidism. Severe hypothyroidismPresence of thyroid carcinomas e Different forms of goitre.

In contrast, chronic autoimmune thyroid disease does not fall into the category of debilitating disease unless it is associated with another disabling medical condition.

In addition to meeting health needs, it has A certain income limit You must have to receive the monthly payment.

For example, 100% of the disabled must have an income 17,271.19 euros below.

However, even if one does not meet these income limits, the deduction method can be used Reduce your tax burden At the end of the year.

How to Claim Thyroid-Related Disability

For a claim related to invalidity derived from serious thyroid problems, people should contact the INPS and undergo a thorough examination. Medico-Legal Commission Appointed by the company.

The report generated by this examination indicates the extent of the recognized disability and thus provides information about the benefits available. can get.

During the assessment Less than 74%Later, it is possible to claim the benefits of non-economic nature, such as special permits for treatment or the right to a targeted location.

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If the concerned person has approved Act 104, other benefits can be availed 4% VATExemption from paying stamp duty, exemptions for dependent children and exemption for car purchase, which is 19%.