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US-Guyana flight operations.  Washington’s Message to Caracas

US-Guyana flight operations. Washington’s Message to Caracas

US to conduct joint air operations with Guyana amid tensions with Venezuela over disputed border The military build-up in Caracas following a questionable vote in Guyana is seen as a ploy by President Maduro to delay the next presidential election.

Tensions in the South American region have reached a critical point as the United States announced air operations with the Guyanese military in response to growing concerns along the Guyana-Venezuela border. The development comes in direct response to the long-running territorial dispute with a controversial referendum last Sunday in which Venezuelans voted in favor of annexing Guyana’s richest region, Guyana Essequiba, to the Venezuelan national territory.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promoted the referendum as a nationalist move, seeking to boost his popularity ahead of next year’s presidential election. However, the decision sparked tensions with Guyana, which interpreted it as an open provocation. To the concern of the international community, the situation has now become more complicated as Venezuela has stepped up military operations along the border.

The European Union has already condemned the vote, calling it a provocation, while the United States is preparing to conduct airstrikes with the Guyanese armed forces. According to South American geopolitical experts, this compares to sending two US aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean. The US response reflects fears of destabilization in the region, with the possible involvement of international actors.

Meanwhile, Guyana has said it will not recognize the referendum results, which highlight the deteriorating bilateral relationship. Guyanese Foreign Minister Robert Persaud highlighted the unprecedented level of tension between the two countries. The Guyanese President also called for a global response to resolve the situation as the international community closely monitors developments.

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The US response to announcing air operations with the Guyana Armed Forces is a clear signal of support for Guyana and concern about an escalation of the crisis. The situation remains fluid, and US involvement may shape future developments, affecting how the international community responds to this growing geopolitical crisis in South America.