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Mountain: Via ferrata at 2,000 meters in sandals or without kit. Alpine rescue and helicopter to correct the rudeness of some


Trieste, August 16, 2023 – Trapped Sandals at an altitude of 2,000 metersOr they got scared because they found themselves in a very difficult passage Without the kit to tackle the via ferrata. Rudeness, added to ignorance, are the greatest dangers in the mountains and at sea. But episodes never fail, And with the cost of relief seemingly thrown to the wind by someone’s stupidity.

Landslide, 2,000 meters high in sandals

A handle 2 girls and two boys from PaduaTheir dog, aged between 20 and 30 years, was also rescued on the afternoon of August 15 as they felt it. Rubber slippers They could not overcome the landslide that fell on the 2,000-meter route. The group was recovered at Forni di Soto (Udine) in the Friulian Dolomites, By Alpine Rescue Friuli Venezia Giulia with medical helicopter and Alpine Rescue technician. The group won. The youth raised the alarm because it was dark and they could not return to the valley in sandals. A serious episode, the Friulian mountain rescue, where rescue services were not paid, even for inappropriate behavior, prompted the launch of an appeal to go to the mountains following a code of conduct and a safe dress code.

Via Ferrata without equipment

Fainting does not subside The other 5 climbers were not kitted out Just to deal with Ferrata Piazzetta, In the Belluno area, he got stuck on the track in the afternoon. Group started Piss off, immediately they went the wrong way, three Austrian men and two women, to find themselves in the descent of Ferrata. But to stop at the most challenging point. Here too the Livinallongo Alpine Rescue had to intervene with the help of the Suem helicopter from Pieve di Cadore. However, in the afternoon, the Alpine Rescue of Cortina’s Guardia di Finanza and the Val Fiorentina Alpine Rescue team intervened. Under Nuola, to a 33-year-old mountaineer from Milan who suffered a dislocated shoulder after falling on the trail. Finally, two Milanese climbers, aged 27 and 31, have lost their bearings at Val di Soldo, Casera Pradamilo, in the area of ​​Forno di Zoldo. They caught both of them and put them back in the car.

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