Monday, July 22, 2024

Hooligan the cat panics at the entrance to the subway: the video goes viral


The naughty cat in today’s video is a really funny guy. Using the subway will never be the same from now on.

Cats have often become the protagonists of funny and outlandish videos. According to some studies, a few minutes of clips are enough to instantly restore a good mood and lost optimism. Today’s video is really funny.

The scene was filmed inside the subway which in itself is an unusual location. In fact, animals prefer open and uncrowded places. They hardly like being the center of attention and loud noises scare them away.

This cat attacks pedestrians in the subway – (Twitter@CatWorkers) –

However, this little creature seems to have a really amazing personality. She is determined to play a role very different from her own, almost as if she wants to prove herself. For these people, getting through the turnstiles was an unexpected challenge. Cat lovers can’t help but be happy.

The naughty cat attacks the travelers: the scene is really funny

Resisting the daily routine is really hard. You are expected to witness the same things over and over and never be able to break away from your routine. for this reason, The cat’s behavior in the video surprised and amused her.

The gray and white cat decided to sit at the entrance to the subway, right at the machine that allows you to stamp tickets and go through the turnstile. His initial calm was replaced by an unexpected action.

A cat attacks passers-by –

In fact, in front of passers-by, he did not hesitate to use his paws to attack the unsuspecting travellers. And in a split second, as dogs do, he decided to resort to the help of his teeth, too. toAnd the reactions were of course really funny.

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The people photographed couldn’t help but dwell on the kitten. Perhaps they did not expect to receive such “aggression”. Perhaps they thought they were facing a A sweet and affectionate cat, ready to receive pampering and attention. It is difficult to trace the reason for his behavior.

Comments were not long in coming. Many users have been stunned by this cute skit. Some suggest hiring him as a ticket inspector, and some hope to be able to meet him on one of the many metro trips.

Some animal lovers have shared similar incidents, emphasizing the joy of the situation. Undoubtedly, it is not something you see every day.


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