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Ghost of Tsushima: How does it work on Steam Deck?  The gameplay video shows us

Ghost of Tsushima: How does it work on Steam Deck? The gameplay video shows us

Ghost of Tsushima It just debuted on PC with Director’s Cuta, however Are you coming to Steam Deck? To answer the question, Game Informer published a Gameplay videos Meticulously captured on Valve’s mobile device.

As announced by Sucker Punch and Nixxes, Ghost of Tsushima supports the Steam Deck and is optimized for this platform, although And not in an official way Due to the need to use Windows to access features included with PlayStation Network.

Well, this optimization work is clearly visible in Game Informer’s video, which shows Powerful and visually impressive in-game actionwhich moves at 30 frames per second and appears to be free of stuttering or other issues.

Naturally, Game Informer editors point this out In the most eventful situations there is some uncertaintybut there is nothing that cannot be further improved with future updates.

The sequences are those of The first phase of the Ghost of Tsushima campaignWith its many dramatic connotations and battles associated with the Mongol invasion, it drives Jin Sakai to make a difficult but necessary choice in order to defend his land.

The enthusiasm is palpable

Judging by the gameplay captured on the Steam Deck, Nixxes players seem to have done well this time around as well Great conversionas has already happened recently with the game Horizon Forbidden West, which for us represents a new starting point for PlayStation on PC.

Unfortunately, Game Informer’s video doesn’t focus on Graphics options Available, we’re limited to using the default presets optimized for Valve’s mobile device, but we’ll discuss all these aspects soon with a specific in-depth analysis, after spending a few hours with the PC version of the game.

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