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Deleted messages on WhatsApp, to be able to see what they wrote to you: Try it now

Deleted messages on WhatsApp, to be able to see what they wrote to you: Try it now

Are deleted messages on WhatsApp lost forever? Actually no, it can be restored with a little trick.

Deleted WhatsApp messages –

How many times have you received a message on WhatsApp and after a few minutes did you see the message:The message is clearedCuriosity to know what is written there is a lot. Some experts explain how to read what the sender wrote earlier. Let’s find out now!

Deleted message on WhatsApp: How do you know what is written?

there way more direct To view deleted messages on WhatsApp is to check Notification date for your Android smartphone through Settings. By accessing the application “settings” From the gear icon on the home screen and choose Notifications and status bar > More settings > Notification historyYou will be able to activate the corresponding option.

In the department Notification dateYou will see a list of the notifications you received in the past 24 hours. This will allow you to locate WhatsApp messages and view the first messages 100 characters, including those that may be deleted later. However, please note that the entire message content will not be available through this notification panel.

Deleted message recovery
Deleted message recovery

It should be emphasized that this action is not allowed To recover multimedia files such as photos, videos, documents and other media received and sent. In addition, if the notification bar is cleared after receiving a message, the same message will not appear in the notification bar Notification date.

How to use the app to read deleted messages?

There are many effective methods To read deleted messages on WhatsApp, each of which has its own characteristics. One option is to install Notification History, an app that creates a direct shortcut to the Notification History on the home screen. Once installed, you can access android notifications deletedincluding deleted WhatsApp messages.

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Another alternative is nova launcher, an application that, in addition to providing many features and customization tools for Android, allows you to add a notification history widget. By selecting “Activity” and then “Notification history” from the widget screen, it will be possible to view previous notifications.

There are also WhatsRemoved+, an application designed for Android devices that monitors notifications and folders for changes and deleted files. Request permission to read and save WhatsApp notificationsThe application records every message received, including media files. When a message is deleted, the app sends a notification. To read the deleted message, that’s it Open the notification and select “Detected”.

The WhatsApp message has been deleted
The WhatsApp message has been deleted

However, this should be emphasized WhatsRemoved+ It may not work in silent conversations, when there is no internet connection, with battery saver activated or if the sender immediately deletes the sent message. However, these options provide alternative ways to do so Access deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Briefly, The message is cleared recovering so as to remove any kind of Curiosity or suspicion.