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SIM Top Number (AdobeStock)

Do you have this phone number? SIM cards that are worth a fortune

Many collectors are going crazy for having higher number SIM cards with numbers they can’t get. Here are the sequences to watch that are considered ‘rare’.

Highest Number (AdobeStock)

It’s not just a phone number, it can be a real treasure. Not many people know that they can own one A SIM card worth gold. In fact, some phone numbers are specific “highest number”It is invaluable and can enrich the homes of many users.

There are a few out there SIM copies are really rare, or those cards that have a numeric sequence that cannot be found. Unique utilities that collectors try in various ways to own, before their value increases further and before users realize their value. However, we are talking about numbers that are really out of the ordinary and could be in the possession of two or three people at most throughout Italy.

The investigation program highlighted this “hyenas”. The program, in fact, produced a news report, broadcasting the last episode we talked about The highest number of the SIM card. Emphasize the uniqueness of these segments and how unique and highly sought after across the country. An event that has not escaped collectors ready to go crazy for one of these numbers.

Useful auction for higher number SIM cards

However, the phone companies decided to ride the wave of success and the crazy and desperate search for these SIM numbers by many collectors. And that’s how they found it charity auction To put SIM cards on the board. A really reputable choice.

At the charity event, they attended Six hundred collectors To bring at least one of the higher number SIM cards to grab it. Several shows followed each other and the rare number winners also contributed to the research and work of the National Cancer Research Institute, with the entire amount donated.

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Here are the numeric sequences of the most popular SIM telephone numbers in Italy:

  • 8,600 euros for TIM 33Y XXXXXX;
  • 2,210 euros for the number 339 YYXXXXX (TIM gift);
  • 1,920 euros for Vodafone No. 342 XXXXXYY;
  • 856 euros for Wind 320 XYZYZYZ number;
  • 343 euros for 3 Italia 393 XY9XXY9.