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A very exclusive flash offer!  XL at €4.99 per month: 150GB, unlimited minutes and texts – |  News |  Telephone communications

A very exclusive flash offer! XL at €4.99 per month: 150GB, unlimited minutes and texts – | News | Telephone communications

From 17 to 27 May 2024, subject to any changes or extensions, Very mobile A new mobile display is proposed Super Exclusive 4,99 Flash Promotion! XL a 4.99 euros per month To the person who activates it New rechargeable SIM card with simultaneous dialing for portability of your mobile phone numberif you are coming from certain phone operators.

This new offer cannot be activated on the home page of the official website and at the physical points of sale of Very Mobile (unless changed), but via a dedicated page on the official website of the semi-virtual operator of the CK Hutchison Group. (Here is the direct link). It is an operator attack proposition that can be activated via digital campaigns.

During the purchase phase, the new customer will be able to choose whether to activate the SIM card physically or internally eSIM format.

What it offers The new exclusive offer of 150GB at € 4.99 per month

New mobile phone offer Super Exclusive 4,99 Flash Promotion! XL a 4.99 euros per month Provides every month:

  • minutes Unlimited Voice traffic for all national mobile and landline numbers;
  • Unlimited SMS For all national numbers.
  • 150 GB Monthly 4G mobile internet traffic on the Wind Tre network at speeds up to 30Mbps in both download and upload.

To participate in the very exclusive offer of €4.99, new Very Mobile customers must activate a new rechargeable SIM card With a simultaneous request for portability from some specified operators.

In particular, as indicated on the offer page, it is possible to come from Iliad, Fastweb, Sky Mobile powered by Fastweb, 1Mobile, CMLink, CoopVoce, Daily Telecom Mobile, Digi Mobil, Elimobile, Enegan, Feder Mobile, Green Tecommunication, Intermatica Lycamobile, Noitel, NTmobile, NVmobile, Optima, Ovunque Mobile, Plink, Plintron, PosteMobile, Rabona Mobile, TDM, Telmekom, Tiscali, Vianova, WithU.

With this offer, which can be activated exclusively online, as we mentioned, it is provided Both the activation cost and the SIM card cost are free.

Bandwidths Flash promo! XL pridect Simultaneous activation of the free automatic top-up service.

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Through Very Mobile’s auto-recharge feature, customers can link an account Method of payment or payment Of your choice Between Visa and Mastercard credit cards or your PayPal accountIn this way Get a top-up equal to your offer amount every month, 12 hours before renewal.

If at that time your balance is remaining Enough to cover the cost of renewal, automatic top-up is not performed. For every successful recharge, Very Mobile always sends a confirmation SMS.

During the purchasing process Very mobile The new customer is asked to choose the payment method that will be used To complete the payment process and activate the monthly automatic recharge service.

As indicated by the operator, it will be possible to deactivate the auto top-up service at any time, directly from the Very app, by switching to the Flash offer for 50 GB less per month.

Extrasuglia giga

With Mobile too, if the client It consumes every gigabyte Internet browsing is blocked every month until the next renewal, but in this case, the mobile client can still decide Renew the offer in advanceand restore the entire expected package.

In the event of non-renewal due to insufficient balance, and if the auto-recharge process is not completed successfully, the package will be suspended until the recharge process is completed. Enough fees to cover the cost.

Additional options

As of November 23, 2023, Very Mobile is live, unless changed For existing customers Option Very full speed, through which customers of the semi-virtual operator can unlock the basic 4G speed limit (30 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload). This additional option is free when first activated, then automatically renews 0.99 euros per month.

Effective November 21, 2022, Very Mobile is offering new and existing customers an additional and optional option Very protected Priced at €0 for the first month, then automatically renewed at €0.99 per month. However, the customer can cancel the service at any time by contacting 1929 customer service for free, or directly on the Very application by clicking on “Displays” H “Display management“.

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When traveling to the rest of the European Union countries

in Roaming in European Union countries (And now also in the UK), the minutes and SMS included in the offers are valid without additional costs, while for data traffic there is a monthly limit on the number of gigabytes that can be used as required by current legislation.

For offers worth €4.99 per month such as Very Exclusive, this limit is equal to 5.30 GB per month Until the end of 2024.

However, it should be noted that on the page of the very exclusive offer of € 4.99, although the new version has been updated with 150 GB, the previous limit effective in 2023 is still reported, i.e. 4.6 GB per month.

If the customer exceeds the monthly roaming limit in the EU, in any case, the consumption rate applies, which is equal to the whole year 2024. 0.189 euro cents Per MB with pricing per KB.

Identification with SPID

Please remember that, starting From December 6, 2023as well as with the usual video recognition using Very Mobile It is also possible to specify the activation of SIM cards (or eSIMs) purchased online via SPID (Public Digital Identity System)..

This way, once the physical SIM card is delivered to your home or you receive the eSIM QR code via email, you can choose the identification Via SPID it is possible to activate the card in a few minutesunlike video identification in which you have to wait for the video to be verified by the operator.

other details

Please remember that services are upon request I searched for you H RingMe It is included in all Very Mobile offers at no additional cost. Hotspot service is included as required by law.

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Very mobile It is a rechargeable prepaid mobile phone service from the operator Wind Tree Spa (CK Hutchison Collection), which he exploits Her network in 4G Basic With maximum speed 30 Mbps download and upload (or from 300Mbps download and 100Mbps upload with data-only offers or for those who decide to activate the Ultra Full Speed ​​option).

Very Mobile has announced that starting June 7, 2024, the phase-out of WINDTRE’s 3G network service will begin. Initially by turning off the 2100 MHz frequency, and turning on the same frequency in 4G technology.

For now, 3G will continue to work While maintaining the 900 MHz band, which will be decommissioned laterlikely by December 31, 2025.

Updated May 17, 2024 at 11:35 am

During the purchase phase, Very Mobile allows those who do not wish to activate the auto top-up service to activate the secret offer Very exclusive €4.99 with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 100GB. As of today, May 17, 2024, as expected, the Amazon Coupon Promotion no longer exists.

Compared to the above, the offer is marketed under the name Flash Deal 4.99 is very exclusive! Every month he always predicts a 4.99 euros The following characteristics: Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile phone numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers e 100 GB Mobile Internet traffic in 4G at speeds of up to 30 Mbps in both download and upload.

As already happens with the new Super Exclusive 4,99 Flash Promotion! XL a 4.99 euros per month It can only be activated by Digital Campania (Editor’s Note: Via a dedicated online page) And only if you belong to specific operators.

We thank Andrea, Emanuele, Revolt, and Ricardo for initial reports.

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