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Here is a collection of key scams: So thieves steal us on the street

Here is a collection of key scams: So thieves steal us on the street

Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to defraud people, and old people are the ones who end up in the network. The police’s obligation to subdue those responsible for such frauds are often genuine organized gangs to plan and carry out fraud at the expense of citizens. stripping news For more than thirty years, it has been in the service of citizens to expose anyone behind these illegal and irregular operations, and in recent days a new type of Negativesreported by viewers, who reported the formulation of a new method of cheating.

It is defined as “A bunch of fraud keys“And its mechanism is also very simple. The criminals pretend to have found a set of keys on the ground, and with this ploy, they manage to distract the chosen victim while, perhaps, he finds himself in his car. Female victims are preferred in this type of scam: in fact, they are Using the trick to make an accomplice, quickly, takes the bag placed inside the car.Although it may seem a simple and ineffective scam, in fact, the police have shown to have an excellent success rate, in addition to targeting women, criminals focus their attention on the elderly, who are Less vigilant reflexes and easier to steal.

Specifically to show and warn viewers, the Canale5 satirical show decided to repeat the scenes using some actors who imitated the scam. The goal is to show the public what happens when you end up being a victim of such fraud so you can identify it and take the necessary precautions. ‘Collection of key scams’ is added to a file sheet of paper or the jacket, two other well-known scams that allow easy robbery for victims.

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