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Who is Rosalinda Canavu?  Age, friend, children, such and such a special show and life

Who is Rosalinda Canavu? Age, friend, children, such and such a special show and life

Who is Rosalinda Canavu?

name and surname: Rosalinda Canavu
Ancient stage name: Adua Del Vesco
date of Birth: November 26, 1992
place of birth: Messina
age: 30 years
to rise: 1.73 m
Weight: 57 kg
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
profession: an actress
Boyfriend: Rosalinda She is engaged to Andrea Zinga
children: Rosalinda He has no children
tattoos: She doesn’t seem to have visible tattoos
Instagram profile: @adua.del.vesco
Twitter profile: @14Cannavo

Rosalinda Canavu Age, Height, Biography

Who is Rosalinda Canavu? The first thing we want to know about Rosalinda Cannavò is her biography, so let’s ask ourselves how old is she, her birthday date and what was her name from before. Adua Del Vesco was born on November 26, 1992 in Messina. He is a Sagittarius and therefore 30 years old. It weighs 57 kilograms and has a height of 1.73 meters. Since there are no visible tattoos, she is known as Adua Del Vesco as well as Rosalinda Cannavò. Rosalinda Cannavò was known as Adua Del Vesco from a young age, but she no longer uses it as a stage name. Since a more consistent and successful name was chosen for her early in her acting career than her first name, her stage name was chosen. At the age of 16 she moved from Messina to Rome to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. A few months after graduating from high school, he is pursuing some theater and public speaking courses to improve his acting.

Private life

There is a lot of information about Rosalinda Cannavò’s personal life and love. In the past, his colleague Massimiliano Moura attended. She started dating Gabriel Jarco in 2015, but the relationship was short-lived. In 2020, the three revealed that their relationships weren’t authentic and that they were made to further the fantasy they starred in. In fact, Kanavi had a long and well-known relationship with Julian Condor. The two had known each other for some time and had already had several meetings. Even in the difficult moments of his illness, Canavu was very close to him. However, she got close to him even while staying at the GF Vip’s house. She broke off the relationship because she felt he was no longer the right person for her.

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Andrea Zinga and Rosalinda Canavu got engaged. They met at the VIP GF’s house, where they fell in love. Despite the constant requests, they still have no plans to get married. Andrea Zinga and Rosalinda Canavu are engaged. Although many are wondering if they are going to get married, at the moment they are enjoying their cohabitation. We also know that in the past, Canavu suffered from anorexia. As he tells in his book, he weighed 32 pounds and risked his life because his internal organs would not function properly due to his quest for perfection. As a result of these problems, she developed an eating disorder which led to her overeating and thus malaise, causing her to gain 70 pounds in no time. This led to depression, from which she was fortunately able to recover.

Where to follow Rosalinda Cannavò: Instagram and social

How can we follow Rosalinda Cannavò on social media? Now we know more about her, so we can follow her on Instagram. Her Instagram account still lists her former profession as Adua Del Vesco, but her first name is visible in the bio. How many people follow Adua Del Vesco? Adua Del Vesco has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. She is also active on Twitter. He posts pictures regularly and is very popular with tags. Those who want to follow her can also do so on Twitter. He does not have a Facebook profile.

career path career path

Now we talk about Rosalinda Canavu’s career and how she makes a living. At the age of sixteen she moved to Rome and began studying rhetoric and theater to become an actress. We often see her on the small screen: among her appearances are Rudolph Valentino, Legend and Furor – The Winds of Hope. Plus, he filmed two seasons of It Wasn’t My Son and Woman’s Beauty… a few years later. He has also appeared in several big-screen movies. In 2014, the film Loro directed by Paolo Sorrentino starred as the young Veronica Lario. He first appeared in the movie Sapore di Te by Carlo Vanzina.

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