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Mentana and Gruber, Peace Made with La7?  Cairo: “I didn’t talk to them, but…”

Mentana and Gruber, Peace Made with La7? Cairo: “I didn’t talk to them, but…”

Was peace made between Enrico Mentana, Lily Gruber and Urbano Cairo? It seems so. After a high-voltage live TV broadcast and careful but forceful digging, the two prominent faces of La7 and the company’s top management seem to have found a way to mend the rift and restore calm. “I have shared the line and rules of my company for sixteen years,” declared host Otto e mezzo after the network’s official memorandum in which professionals were called upon to maintain mutual respect and protect the value of teamwork. But the news director agreed, adding from his studio: “We are not accusing anyone, and we do not want to be accused.” But today, Urbano Cairo returned to this issue to put an end to this dispute once and for all.

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Yesterday, “I made a statement reaffirming the principles that matter to us, and I was glad they signed it. I didn’t even talk to them, not that I did any moral suasion. They both agreed, so I’m very happy about that.” This was stated by Urbano Cairo, President of Torino Football Club, Cairo Telecom and RCS Media Group, on the sidelines of the Milan Civic Week presentation on the dispute between Lily Gruber and Enrico Mentana.

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