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HBO Max claims to be the third largest player in the world along with Netflix and Disney

HBO Max claims to be the third largest player in the world along with Netflix and Disney

Warner streaming chief says HBO Max is now among the ‘Big Three’ with Netflix and Disney

financial times, p. 6, by Anna Nicolau.

CEO Warner Media Claims that the broadcast service HBO Max From the company “breakthrough” in 2021 joined Disney e Netflix As the leader of streaming wars, even after being left behind by tens of millions of subscribers. “It’s fair to say it became a three-horse race at the helm of the pack,” he said. Jason Keeler the financial times. “And as for the storytelling…and when you look at the US subscriber numbers, things go down a little bit after the first three sessions.” Last week, the company announced that it had reached 74 million subscribers HBO Max e HBO by the end of 2021, up from 61 million in 2020.

despite his enthusiasm KillarAnd HBO Max Still far behind Netflix e Disneywhich recorded 214 and 118 million subscribers respectively in early October. Prepare Warner They also have a caveat: 74 million includes people who pay for the cable channel HBO. The company encouraged these customers to sign up HBO Max, which they receive for free. Killar Claimed that the ‘vast majority’ of 74 million use HBO Max, but he refused to be specific.

Warner Strategy

Warner Launched in 2020 HBO MaxThrowing hat into the ring as traditional media groups try to compete with it Netflix And a safe place in the world of digital entertainment. AT&T, a telecommunications group that owns Warner Mediahired KillarHe is a veteran in the field of live broadcasting, which he co-founded hollow, To expand HBO Max. HBO Max She got off to a slow start, despite owning one of the most prestigious portfolios in entertainment, including film and television studios in Warner Bros., the network HBO And a range of cable channels including CNN.

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The service was muddled for months due to technical glitches, consumer confusion, and a deadlock in bargaining that kept people from watching. HBO Max on popular streaming devices from general. The company added 13 million subscribers last year, backed by a series of shows that include new seasons Succession e Unsafe, as well as a bold strategy to distribute all films Warner Bros. for him HBO Max At no additional cost.
(complete in financial times)

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