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Disney’s patent uses artificial intelligence to improve safety and visitor experience

Disney’s patent uses artificial intelligence to improve safety and visitor experience

Artificial intelligence contributes to the development of the experience provided to the visitor From parks. New patent Disneythe largest group that operates theme parks and tourist attractions, uses images collected by CCTV cameras that monitor the resorts to better manage public safety and digitally detect behaviors that require operator assistance.

The new technology will use machine learning to train the algorithm Amnesty International To differentiate between normal behaviors and report situations where it would be helpful to contact the user back or intervene to provide any type of assistance, Through Reinforcement Learning (RL) video data from numerous CCTV cameras that monitor users. In fact, it is known that more than 90% of accidents in amusement parks worldwide, which are very rare, are caused by the behavior of users who do not respect the rules: Combining operator supervision with a real-time digital detection system is an option that enhances safety and improves user experience. The patent provides for the activation of a behavior detection platform.

Data collected by cameras, Rich in information and difficult to interpret in real time by humans in all its aspects, It will be analyzed by a deep learning model to determine whether the visitor’s actions differ from behaviors that the system considers normal. For example, Disney noted in a statement, If a guest waves his arms while riding an attraction, the system will determine that this is common behavior among many guests or rather a way to attract the attention of the operator or report a potentially dangerous situation.

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In addition toThere’s no point in hiding it, At points where business or management activities are carried out, but also in poorly managed or completely invisible areas, illicit behavior may be adopted. By people with bad intentions, for theft or unwanted interactions with people or things. In this case, digital monitoring, therefore not linked to human factors such as distraction or the temporary absence of the operator for the necessary interventions towards certain guests, provides better safety guarantees..

The patent application appendix represents a subject whose arm movements are detected: If a user takes something from the shelves of a store and, instead of putting it in the cart, hides it in his jacket, the system will detect the normal behavior.

Privacy issues

Obviously such a system – Although not related to facial recognition – it does have privacy issues Since it is not just an analysis of gestures, but an analysis of the visitor’s feelings – the amused and frightened situation… – it relates to the personal sphere. The experience offered by the park will undoubtedly be enriched: we have already filed patents to Disney relating to cameras that, by detecting facial expressions, could personalize the experience – think a House of Horrors-style dark ride – to make it Genuine at the right time, less affected than a guest who shows great fear. There is no doubt, in my opinion, that the security aspect should trump the privacy aspectJust think about the number of people who drown in the sea or in a swimming pool due to the failure of rescuers to intervene in time. An artificial intelligence platform linked to the camera system – services in this sense already exist – can support rescuers by detecting abnormal situations and behaviors in the water in real time, saving human lives. The balance between the capabilities of AI and privacy remains to be built, but it is essential that we guide ourselves by setting clear goals and priorities.

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Surely it would be desirable to obtain consent from users, who are also minors, to use behavioral analysis systems that increase security, without collecting data that is non-functional to the security system, and why not? – Improving the experience provided to the public. However, AI continues to offer very interesting possibilities for theme parks and designers of attractions and entertainment or tourism experiences.