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Handicapped Bonus 2023: From Meloni 30 thousand euros immediately and forget about the architectural barriers

Invalid bonus 2023, from Meloni a lot of money immediately into the account and you forget about architectural barriers.

Disability is a real drama Many Italian families. theIn fact, when there is a disability, life is more difficult and the expenses of a family with a disability increase dramatically. But there is a bonus that helps all those families who find themselves struggling with disability. In fact, for 2023, the bonus against architectural barriers is also confirmed and improved.

Invalid Bonuses 2023 / I love trading

For weeks we had already been debating whether to confirm the bonus on architectural barriers Or it is canceled but let’s see how it works and above all how it will work in 2023. The Architectural Barriers Award 2023 is a real incentive to remove all architectural barriers At home and in the condominium.

A moral and significant reward

So with this bonus, you can install elevators in old buildings or It will be possible to replace existing elevators that are no longer standard. It can let you reward architectural barriers Install both indoor and outdoor elevators as well as stair lift platforms, etc.

For body owners, these architectural barriers are not a problem but when there is a handicap The problem is very strong. theArchitectural Partitions bonus is a 75% discount on all expenses incurred to remove architectural barriers. So not only demolishing old buildings but also installing new structures All related expenses are deductible.

How does the tax deduction work?

The discount will be tangibly usable in five equal annual instalments. The maximum eligible expenditure is €50,000 for a single property unit. For works in residential units, the limit is €30,000 instead, but doubled per apartment So the number is actually increasing rather than decreasing.

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Disabled Awards 2023
Invalid Bonuses 2023 / I love trading

So even for working to remove architectural barriers in 2023 there will be this reward that promises to be one of the richest but also the most ethical of all home rewards. In fact, we must never forget that house bonuses are bonuses that were mainly used by the wealthiest families Thus, bonuses were often contradictory from a social point of view.

Limit of 8 apartments buildings

Be careful though, because too In condominiums, the reward of architectural barriers meets a very precise limit. In fact, it is true that 30 thousand euros must be paid for each apartment but this number must be multiplied by the number of apartments. But even this multiplication factor encounters a limit. In fact, apartments with multiples of 8 can be at most.

Despite this limitation, this bonus is still a huge step forward And you don’t even need a 104. In fact, to request the reward there is no need to provide any testimony regarding Law 104.