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How did Dracula die? Revealing it to us, 500 years later, will be a mysterious message


The world of science continues to study Dracula, one of the most terrifying characters in history. From the letter comes new clues about the life of the feared Hungarian Count

His original name was Vlad III of Wallachia Hajiak, known in history as Dracula (in Italian “Dracula”), which means “dragon”. A remarkable figure, author of unspeakable torture and outrageous cruelty, who has inspired the world of literature and cinema. Today the world of science is once again interested in vampires, and it is doing so with new evidence emerging from a letter dealing with it. From which we are trying to extract genetic material.
Working on the daunting task are scientists Gleb and Svetlana Zilberstein, who, after analyzing a letter written by Dracula, say they are optimistic that this simple piece of paper can tell us a lot about him.

What we’re trying to extract, to be precise, is not Dracula’s DNA, but the count’s biochemical fingerprints, made up of various substances, proteins, and metabolites.
However, the scientists emphasized that these biochemical fingerprints would prove to be more stable than the DNA itself, and thus able to provide more information about many aspects of the life of the galactic count. Just think, from the microscopic genetic traces left in a letter, experts will be able to trace information about him relating to the environmental conditions in which Dracula lived, to the count’s health conditions at the time he wrote the letter. And again, traces of his lifestyle, what he ate and, above all, how he died.

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Dracula, the search for the most cruel statistic in history: a study of a letter dated 1475

We hope to get a snapshot of a molecular photograph of Vlad Dracula as he writes or signs these lettersAnd the scientists explained that they are real “detectives” of the microscope.
Imprints were taken from a letter written by the so-called “Vlad the Impaler” in Romania on August 4, 1475. In the letter, the author informed the inhabitants of Sibiu that he would soon settle in their city. Over the centuries, the biological traces of this cruel man have remained the same, and today they promise to tell us something more about him.

But how did the story of Dracula reach the present day? The story of the historical figure inspired Bram Stoker’s character The Count. In 1992 the great success of the movie ‘Bram Stoker’s Draculaby Coppola.

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