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Diving inside a black hole, here is the 360 ​​degree simulation video – News

Diving inside a black hole, here is the 360 ​​degree simulation video – News

What will we see when traveling inside a black hole? The answer is provided by new immersive 360-degree video simulations, produced thanks to NASA’s supercomputer, that allow us to dive beyond the event horizon of a black hole with a mass 4.3 million times the mass of our Sun. Simulating these hard-to-imagine processes helps me connect relativistic mathematics to actual consequences in the real universe,” said Jeremy Schnittman, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center who made the video.

The researcher added: “I simulated two different scenarios: one in which the camera, like a daring astronaut, touches the event horizon and bounces off it, and the other in which it crosses the border and determines its fate.” .
The flight proposed in the video is similar to the one envisioned in the movie Interstellar and has now been simulated more accurately, taking advantage of the 129,000 processor capabilities of NASA’s Discover supercomputer.

The end result is 360-degree videos in which you can look around as you approach one of the most mysterious and fascinating objects in the universe, a supermassive black hole similar to the one at the center of the Milky Way, surrounded by a large ring. Of the gas that revolves around it.

The journey begins 640 million kilometers away from Black Pico and within minutes the gases surrounding it begin to fill the view, the rings and the night sky becoming increasingly distorted and even forming multiple images, as its light passes through increasingly distorted space-time. .

As we approach the black hole, reaching speeds closer and closer to the speed of light itself, the glow from the accretion disk and background stars gets amplified, in the same way that the pitch of an oncoming car in a race increases. Finally we find ourselves trapped inside, a place from which nothing can escape, not even light, and we fall toward a point at which the laws of physics known to us cease to apply: the singularity.

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A moment from a simulated flight into a black hole (Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/J. Schnittman and P. Powell)

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