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Guerrero's latest hoax: Photo copy The government seems to be sending Troy to the mountains

Guerrero’s latest hoax: Photo copy The government seems to be sending Troy to the mountains

The last magic formula that promises parliamentary and ministerial troops is a “government without dragons” or a “photo government”. Thus only one box will change (Palazzo Ciki’s, moving to the Premier goalie), and everything else will be quiet and motionless.

The problem is, except for the name of the new Prime Minister (schools of thought differ here: “technocrats like Cordobia or Franco” or politicians like Francisco, Giorgi or de Mayo?), Important: Which photocopy? It is clear that before and after the cabinet that introduced the vaccine duty to some extent, there is no greater unity government now. The majority is shattered, amidst the melancholy anxieties of a Matteo Salvini, longing for the golden inaction of resistance and (so to speak) the chaotic and ridiculous eruption of Giuseppe Conte’s Five Stars. The twists and turns with increasingly impossible candidacy no longer count (Liliana Secrey was raised yesterday, saying she didn’t want to know for months).

Thus, the complex where Mario Tragi resides in Palazzo Chiki is dissolving under the pressure of the opposing and chaotic survival strategies of the most vulnerable parties in the Sui Generis Alliance. Therefore, the main argument used by opponents of the current prime minister’s uprising in Guernsey – in good faith or bad faith – is in danger of collapsing: “Draghi must be in his place because he is the only one who can hold this majority together.” As Salvini escapes government responsibilities, it is hard to imagine that he would lend himself to a “Ursula coalition” hostage to the Drake mentality in the hope that he could do a year’s election campaign without hands. Headless M5s and Novaks are fast retreating towards populist and trumpet looks.

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The variable of early voting (terrifying to large voters) can therefore be completely independent of the goalie’s candidacy. According to Matteo Renzi, the only political leader who will openly put his feet on the plate, this is a variant that has been coveted by various party leaders and potential supporters of the Drake nominee: Georgia Meloni, who “began to decline in the referendum” and is in a hurry to make money; Giuseppe Conte and Enrico Letta, who learned that “de Mayo is only waiting for the spring executive elections to make his shoes,” said, “If you do not vote, you must go to Congress and win the primary. He does not have much experience.” Therefore, those who want to send former Prime Minister Drake (“the rightful president of the Republic”) to the Guernsey must work hard to find a way to “not just create a majority in the presidential election.” To elect him, but “the political majority for the post-political regime. To do this, you need a political initiative, not a random tweet,” says Renzi (with treacherous reference to the PD leader’s anti – nuclear words) to Corriere della Sera. Silvio Berlusconi “returned to the center of the scene” Underlining that he is “decisive in electing the president”, even the old navigator of parliamentary corridors, such as Bruno Tapachi, is pulling the ears of the leaders of the major parties: urging Letta and Salvini to “talk to each other”, “they are all afraid to make the first move.”