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This is the sound of the northern lights – listen to it here

This is the sound of the northern lights – listen to it here

In addition to admiring, the lights of the Northern Lights can also be heard. Below are the sounds associated with the geomagnetic activity of the Sun and Earth

A professor at Finland’s Aalto University has recorded the sounds of the northern lights, even when they are not visible in the sky. It is a more common phenomenon than previously thought and tells us something more about it Wonderful landscapes.

What noise does the Lady of Heaven make?

Professor Onto Lin has been studying the phenomena associated with the planet’s geomagnetic activity for years. He claims that the sounds associated with the Lady of Heaven are not rare, and that they actually stem from electrical discharges that form about 70 meters above the Earth’s surface, due to a temperature inversion. The recordings that you can listen to in the video above were made in the village of Fiskars and in many other places in Finland. On the other hand, it is one of the best countries to attend these night shows. Although the northern lights were not entirely visible, Lin was able to capture hundreds of “aurus sounds.”

Geomagnetic activity

He then compared those sounds to geomagnetic activity that night, and found strong correlations between the two. For the scientist, the most surprising discovery is that these auroral sounds occur even in the absence of visible northern lights. This means it is much more common than we thought. Previously, it was believed that in the absence of the Lady of Heaven, only the breaking of ice or some animal sounds would emit this type of sound. Now we know that the Northern Lights have a sound, too.

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Dragon Northern Lights
“Dragon Aurora” was filmed by Marco Bastoni On one of his trips to Norway

There is no doubt that these are magnificent views, and in addition to pleasing our eyes, they now allow us to fully experience the beauty of nature. Keep following us on Passione Astronomia so you don’t miss all the news and our organized trips to go searching for the aurora together!