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Sicily, exhausted tampons and full intensive care.  First: "We need a lock to stop this deadly uprising wave"

Sicily, exhausted tampons and full intensive care. First: “We need a lock to stop this deadly uprising wave”

Trophy intense pine, Exhausted tampons, constantly increasing infections. After 15 ambulances lined up Wednesday in the emergency room of Cervello Hospital in Palermo, it is now in Sicily Govt alarm. The leader of the region has received requests from many quarters. Nello Musumeci, Tighten infection control measures. Worry more than the school department. Musumeci has actually mentioned that lessons in the yellow zone will start regularly from Monday and can go to Dad in orange and red. Because Sicily is still yellow, lessons can only be resumed in the distance in some municipalities. For this reason, requests for color paths come from many quarters in order to enforce higher limits on the circulation of the virus.

The epidemic situation on the island, on the other hand, seems to be increasingly out of control. From Partinigo, listen Locking for 15-20 days, “To control this The murderous uprising wave“There is Vincenzo Provencano, Medical Director of Govt Hospital. “Here – he says – we had to open another site, not much space. We fill everything, they come from everywhere,” Provenzano says without hiding his concern. ” The second vaccine Dose for more than four months but with previous symptoms “.

There aren’t even seats yet Intensive treatment To the hospital Brain In Palermo, 15 ambulances lined up for hours in front of an emergency room on Wednesday: “Look! Sold: We have 16 intensive care sites They are all busy, ”explains Baldo Renda, head of intensive care, Al He goes on to say: “Of these 16, 14 were unvaccinated in the seventies, The other two have been vaccinated against other major diseases besides Govt. “On the other hand, 200 Kovit patients have been admitted to the hospital in Palermo. 3210. And the rapidly increasing number a Catania, Which was 334 on Wednesday to 3377 on Thursday. The peak has not yet been recorded since the outbreak began in Sicily. ISP, i Molecular buffers, Dangerously, therefore, of Quick false negatives: According to the Sicilian CDS, in fact, Omigron escapes almost half the time fast.

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In this way, the pressures on Musumeci increase due to the tightness of the action Controlling the infection. The Sicilian president responded by stressing that he had to comply with national measures: “Current regulations allow regions to interfere in autonomous decisions.”Orange Zone“Or the” red zone “. Sicily, as we know it, is at the present stage”Yellow Zone“So it has to use national rules”.

For this reason, requests Establishing local red zones. Asp of Enna, General Manager there Francesco Utica He called on the region to set up a red zone for all twenty municipalities in Enna province, while hospitals are at risk of being sold out: “6 out of 8 people are currently hospitalized in Umberto before Enna: not all have been vaccinated”, Utica warns. TO Ask the red zone Mayor of Messina, cateno de luca, Made a big turn in a short time: he planned and sponsored an eventful Christmas party in the square. “Christmas of rebirth“Despite rumors that events would be canceled due to a re-emergence of the epidemic, de Luca went straight. It is not acceptable that there is no difference. Who was vaccinated and who was not, Do not understand it. All of this punishes vaccinators like me. I hope there will be targeted intervention after this government action and that these damaged business sectors will be supported, ”he said on December 23. Today, on the other hand, he shouted that we must live on social media Red zone (The only one that does not distinguish between unvaccinated and vaccinated), says that there is data revealing how the spaces in the Messina hospitals are exhausted.

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But the mayor has denied it Govt Commissioner Structure, From which they underline: “There are places, and we increase them”. In the meantime, too Claudio Fava He appealed to the regional government: “Postponing the reopening of schools in Sicily is not the best solution, but at the moment it is certainly the least risky, especially as a precautionary measure, considering the efforts of many mayors in the region. Governor Musumeci has signed a new decree declaring the other 42 municipalities the “Orange Zone”: the measure will run from Sunday, January 9 to Wednesday, January 19.