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Four great plans for traveling around the US by train

Four great plans for traveling around the US by train

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Travel in the United States is known mainly by plane and private car; There were once buses, and the legendary greyhounds appeared in many films, but this mode of transport is now in dire straits. Flixbus Recently managed to buy back Historical Institute At four cents. In some cities that serve to connect residential areas to downtown, almost exclusively commuters use the train.

A few more long-distance lines are in operation, which offer Unique and different experiences in different parts of the vast North American territory. Between historical and eclectic cities, open and unpolluted places, on the past paths of nature’s beauty, leaving by train for a journey to discover the beautiful beauties of the country is the perfect and eco-sustainable way to admire the unexpected panoramas. of America.

Visit America Nationwide offers four itineraries, starting from Chicago or New York, two historic train hubs, going north to south and east to west and beyond, exploring the destination’s most beautiful locations. Below is a description of the four itineraries.

Empire Builder, From Chicago to Seattle or Portland – Across America’s Cities and Grasslands

Exploring America via Empire Builder is an extraordinary adventure that travels across breathtaking landscapes towards the Pacific coast. With 45 stops along the way, this trip offers an experience that ends in Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon and allows you to fully immerse yourself in America’s natural and cultural diversity.

As the train progresses, the skylines of major cities like Chicago and Minneapolis draw visitors in, offering endless and evocative views until they cross the vast prairies of the Midwest.

A trip west takes you to the majestic Rocky Mountain range, anticipating a visit to the National Parks, the focal point of the experience.

The options for destinations to stop and explore are endless: from the bustling college town of Fargo, North Dakota, with its historic theaters and modern art museums, to the western part of the state, full of homages to the cultural roots of the first Europeans. They colonized the region.

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The journey continues through the wilds of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, then into Montana, where the pristine beauty of Glacier National Park awaits visitors with its historic hikes and outdoor adventures.

Traversing the breathtaking landscape of Montana, you finally reach the beautiful town of Saint Point, surrounded by mountains and forests, ending the trip along the spectacular Pacific coast, where you can immerse yourself in the area’s wilderness or enjoy an urban adventure. Seattle or Portland. Whether you decide to explore majestic mountains or bustling urban centers, Empire Builder offers an unparalleled travel experience, full of discovery and adventure.

California Zephyr, Chicago to San Francisco – Domestic Nature

The California Zephyr Trail starts in Chicago and goes all the way to the beautiful beaches of San Francisco, especially Emeryville. With nearly 4000 kilometers of track and 35 stops, this railway is a true symbol of American history, renowned for its beauty. Accomplished Across the vast plains of the Midwest and the majestic Mississippi River, the journey enters the majestic Rocky Mountains, offering travelers breathtaking views of the Colorado’s valleys and Sierra Nevada’s peaks.

Every stop in Colorado is an invitation to unforgettable experiences. Welcome to the Dawn Train, Denver offers a vibrant city full of art museums, while nearby attractions like Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado Springs are within easy reach for day trips.

Continuing in Utah, notable stops like Salt Lake City, with its large Mormon temple, offer a rich immersion in the state’s history and culture. Antelope Island, with its wildlife and breathtaking views, is a stopover that allows for a unique experience of communing with unspoiled nature.

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The journey continues into Nevada, with interesting stops such as Reno, famous for its casinos and famous music festival burning man In the Black Rock Desert. Finally, you reach the magnificent California coast, with stops in Sacramento and finally Emeryville, just a short distance from the beating heart of San Francisco. From mountain charm to vibrant cities, natural wonders to urban culture, sailing aboard California Zephyr offers an unforgettable experience through some of the most beautiful and captivating landscapes in America.

Crescent, from New York to New Orleans – North to South throughout America’s history

Departing from New York and arriving in New Orleans in 32 hours, the Crescent Route is a great way to explore the American South. Crossing states like North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, the route offers a panorama full of culture, history and breathtaking landscapes, and is a great choice for those who want to explore the South without the need to drive.

First stops on the East Coast include Philadelphia and Washington, cities of historical and cultural significance, where you can admire world-famous monuments and museums.

Charlotte, North Carolina is popular among car enthusiasts and offers a unique atmosphere that blends tradition and modernity. The journey then continues to Atlanta, Georgia, home to Coca-Cola headquarters and one of America’s most dynamic and relevant cities, playing a pivotal role in African-American history and the struggle for civil rights. Here, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and Remembering the Words of Martin Luther King provide a moving testimony to the past and present of the struggle for equality.

Continuing the history of civil rights, Birmingham, Alabama, with its Civil Rights District and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, tells stories of courage and determination that commemorate freedoms won in places that have been the scene of struggles. 1990s 60. The tour ends in New Orleans, a city full of charm and culture, offering an unforgettable experience in South America, capturing the hearts of visitors with its music, food and architecture.

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Silver Meteor, from New York to Orlando or Miami – the beauties of the coast

The Silver Meteor Trail takes passengers along the East Coast from New York to bustling Florida with final destinations in Orlando or Miami, offering a 360-degree view of the East Coast over a 28-hour cruise. Stops in beautiful Eastern cities like Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, with their green squares and historic atmosphere on the river, are inevitable stops to understand the essence of the American South.

Further south, in Florida, you can head to Jacksonville, from where you can rent a car and explore North America’s oldest European settlement, St. Augustine. With its beautiful nineteenth-century-style historic center and bathing beaches, St. Augustine offers an almost Mediterranean atmosphere that enchants visitors.

The trail continues to Orlando, a must for anyone visiting Florida for its famous theme parks. From here, the journey continues to the beaches of Miami or the vibrant city of Tampa. Tampa, growing as a tourist destination, has a rich cultural offering with museums, galleries and clubs, especially the Ybor City neighborhood, a corner of Cuba in the heart of the city, noted for its brick houses and ethnic food restaurants. They tell the rich history of Cuban society.

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