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Earthquake in Naples: The shock felt in Pozzuoli

Earthquake in Naples: The shock felt in Pozzuoli

The quake affected Pozzuoli, Naples, just after 8:30 pm today. That area is part of Campy Flegray.

The quake affected Pozzuoli, Naples, at 8:30 pm. It affects the Campi Flegrei area and was 2.3 on the Richter scale at a depth of 2.8 km. Most of the time, the shallow depths that indicate earthquakes in the Gambi Flegre are felt by many people in the western suburbs of Naples, as well as in Boslibo, Pacnoli, Agnano, Furikrota, Choco and Pianura.

No harm to goods or people

The event was felt in a unique way throughout the Flegrean capital and was centered on the Solpatara volcano just before three low-intensity shocks beginning at 19:56. In Pozzuoli, however, local civil security and the Metropolitan Police have been alerted and, at present, no damage to people or property has been reported.

The last few days there was another earthquake in the same area

However, this is not the first shock of the year. 2022 has actually just begun, already on January 3rd, so just a few days ago, she was warned. Earthquake in the same area, Always in Pozzuoli and always in Campi Flegrei. This evening the quake was low: in fact it was 1.2 on the Richter scale, this time it was recorded just before 7am. The first shock of the year was clearly felt among Pozzuoli and the people. Naples. Earthquakes affecting the Campi Flegrei area were recorded at the end of 2021: an earthquake on December 27 actually triggered concerns among citizens.

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