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Google Bard, the power is in the hands of users: here’s what you can do from now on

Google Bard, the power is in the hands of users: here’s what you can do from now on

Do you want to use Google Bard at any cost? Now you’ll have more incentive to do it, it’s changed forever: here’s what you can do.

Among the most successful types of AI we find Google Bard. It has been trying to challenge ChatGPT since day one of its release, and has proven to be almost as efficient. Google’s updates have made Google smarter, ready to prove its mettle in any situation. Now it will be better thanks To the latest update intended for users.

This is what Google Bard will look like: everyone will use it with pleasure –

What can we do? What makes the update interesting is that we can “personalize” our privacy. There is a feature that prevents Bard from Use our online content To develop. Google’s future AI model will eliminate everything related to ourselves on the web. We will not be considered, which is good news. To do this, simply disable the “User-Agent: Google-Extending” function in your website’s robots.txt file.

Google Bard will learn from our data, or it won’t: it all depends on us

This is a document that guides automated web crawlers and refers to… What contents are accessible or not. Even if Google claims that its AI development is ethical, and that there is nothing to worry about, it is extremely important to take note. Using data to train future models is special. It has nothing to do with standard Internet indexing, which is why this feature is so useful.

The new Google Bard feature concerns everyone –

Danielle Roman, Google’s vice president of trust, suggests it’s better not to. Google needs a large amount of data to operate its devices. This is for Accelerate the learning process And to make Google Bard smarter. Without the cooperation of users on the web, this will be more difficult to achieve. It also claims to be safe, so you don’t have to worry.

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This does not mean that Google will be able to develop its artificial intelligence. It has access to an unlimited amount of data, which has been collected over the years. The ability to block access to user content is not bad at all. At the moment there are no alternative solutions or compromise: we will have to do it. I will give consent to Processing your data In this case? It’s a situation that can’t be compared to many others, in fact.