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Windshield: Everyone wonders what that black stripe at the bottom is for |  Its function is extremely important

Windshield: Everyone wonders what that black stripe at the bottom is for | Its function is extremely important

Windshield – (company)

This black stripe on the windshield is sometimes considered a useless or merely aesthetic item, but that is not the case

Not all motorists carefully study every detail of their car. This is more than normal, because every vehicle Equipped with a series of functions that are often hidden by manufacturersIntentionally or unintentionally.

We must add that in many cases some jobs are under our noses however We hardly notice it Specifically – as paradoxical as it may seem – they are almost invisible since we notice them every day without paying attention.

Let’s take the glaring example of front glass. We are always so busy observing the road in front of us that we do not focus on some small/large details that can reveal more about our car.

Black stripe in the windshield: why is it there?

In the case of the windshield, everyone has noticed Black stripe dotted with small honeycomb dots. Now every modern car boasts this feature. Everyone knows what we’re referring to, however Not everyone knows the purpose of that black band.

Its function is mainly serving On the one hand, to prevent the glass from shattering into a thousand pieces in the event of a collisionOn the other hand, A Sun protection. This black strip is nothing more than a specific, ultra-resistant ceramic layer baked into the glass itself.

Below, “fried” – (company)

Thanks to it, the glass is an integral part of the frame

Its specific name is “FriedOf course it doesn’t look like a program, but it is Functionality is basic. Keep in mind that before sawing, to hold the glass in place, manufacturers used different types of adhesives to cover the glass joints. However, this solution was definitely not the best in terms of durability.

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As for ferrite – considering that it is a mixture of chemicals obtained from the fusion of some substances – it gives life to an object. It is formed halfway between a glass and ceramic coating. This compound is applied directly to the glass after cutting and shaping it It not only seals the bond between the glass and the car frame, but also hides the adhesive and protects it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, Which makes it more resistant. This way the windshield becomes functional Structural component of the car body. Those black dots on the margin allow a gradual visual transition from the black frame to the transparency of the glass.