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If you have also received this strange message on your mobile phone, here is what you should do immediately

If you have also received this strange message on your mobile phone, here is what you should do immediately

Many have already had it, just as many will have it. What to do if you receive this message on your smartphone?

Many, not knowing what it was, were worried at first when they got it. However, those who knew about it were still surprised by the unusual way it arrived. This is one A “strange” message has arrived on smartphones.

How do you react if you receive a “strange” message on your mobile phone – Ansa photos –

It will appear soon on many other people’s cell phones, But some of them still do not know this today. What is it and what should you do if you receive it? In fact, in this case, we are not facing attempts at fraud or deception, but rather a very important institutional communication.

Have you received a strange message on your smartphone? Here’s what you need to do

Which will probably reach the mobile phones of all Italians, even if it is First trial shipment It cannot be excluded that a certain percentage of people may not receive it. We are talking about the so-called IT Alert Test, a communication accompanied by an intense audio warning, developed as an innovative national public alert system.

How does the alert work?
How does the alert work and who receives it – Photo Ansa –

This message actually, once The pilot phase will be completed Which will become fully operational, will warn residents in the future of potentially dangerous situations such as tsunamis or upcoming violent storms, serious emergencies or potential disasters (such as a dam collapse, nuclear accidents or radiation emergencies, or accidents involving facilities subject to directives Seveso or volcanic activity); In such a way that any evacuation or protection measures can be carried out in advance Without being caught off guard.

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What is IT Alert and how does it work

the Testing has officially begun on Monday 12 September, but it did not concern the whole of Italy: it was in fact distributed over different dates, including a small number of regions from time to time. That’s why many people may have already got it by now and others may not. The notification may vary depending on the model, operating system and operating system installed on the smartphone. But it basically involves an audible alarm accompanied by Bilingual text Which appears directly on the mobile phone screen and through voice communication (for the blind).

Test done And also on September 14, 19, 21, 26 and 27. There is only one last and final date left for the Italian territory, which is Friday, October 13, and the message will be sent to the population and to anyone who will be in the autonomous province of Bolzano at that time. When you receive it, without fear, just read it and make sure you read it. Later there is a possibility Fill out the relevant questionnaire.