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Gianmarco attacks Soleil “I can’t say I’m glad to see you again…” / Gelo to The pupa and the nerd


The Pupa and the nerd show 2022, Gianmarco Onestini finds Soleil Sorge after affair with his brother Luca Onestini

The babe and the nerd show 2022 movie Officially kicks off at the starting line, on its first television date on March 15, 2022, when Barbara DorsoCoordination Director, presents her exceptional staff with Soleil Sorge confirming the role of the third judge, along with colleagues Antonella Elia and Federico Fashion Style. Among the participants, as announced in a television interview, smiles and songs, then presents Dorso Gianmarco Unestini In the role of a nerd, as a law graduate, something unexpected and unexpected happens. Despite recent rumors by Il vicolo delle news, Gianmarco has been confirmed in the cast, although gossip experts have given him the possibility of a defection from the show, even if he presents himself to the audience in regards to the studio, where ‘Meanwhile, the pupa With him who will be a constant husband in the program, or the ex-historian of Paolo Brusio, connected, Marialaura de Vitesse.

Moreover, on the occasion of the connection, Gianmarco also has the opportunity to find, albeit from a distance, the sister-in-law of his ex-wife with whom he has an account on hold, or Soleil. Remember the treason case that exploded? Onestini house, When Gianmarco’s brother, Givino Luca Onstini, learned during the Big Brother vip 2017-2018 of a movie at Casa dei Viponi – in which the “third judge” appeared in La pupa e il nerd 2022 in positions unequivocally complicit with the former historical contender for the classic throne For men and women, Marco Cartasinha. The images put into trouble not only the former tronista of men and women, Luca, but also his family, including first and foremost Gianmarco, who immediately urged his important brother to leave Sulley, in the face of an apparent betrayal of her.

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Solly Sorge and the question and answer on Poison in La pupa and the Nerd Program 2022 with Gianmarco Onestini

at remote comparison, at La pupa e il secchione 2022, if Soleil Sorge announces his happiness to see Gianmarco Unestini again, also in perfect condition – to the sound of “I find you very well, very well even tanned!” Her ex-husband threw a poisoned pit in response to this: “Well, I can’t say that I am very happy to see you again, but I am glad to be here. It is my pleasure and honor to be able to participate in this programme.” And for viewers, meanwhile, as out of relative social comments Released from the web, there are all the prerequisites to start a public confrontation between the two former brothers in law now.

We’ll see what happens to La pupa e il nerci 2022…

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