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Giampiero Mogini and Vera Kinonen on Dancing with the Stars 2022

Returning to performance in this third episode of Dancing with the Stars 2022 The pair also consists of Giampiero Mogini and Vera Kinunin. Before setting off on the right track, Giampiero talks about himself in the usual pre-show video and here he returns over the years telling us about his relationship with his mother, about his leaving Sicily to work in Rome and the many years he spent without her. A memory that touches him deeply and hurts him today.

The show continues on stage but has not won the five judges. The Dancing with the Stars jury wasn’t impressed at all by Giampiero Mughini’s performance which, on the other hand, isn’t full of steps. The scores are actually quite low: except for six, they gradually drop until they reach 4 Caroline Smith, Selvaggia Lucarelli 1 and Mariotto 0. Faced with this vote, he hastily left the study. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Giampiero Mughini and Veera Kinnunen, Dancing With the Stars audience is not convinced

public Dancing with the Stars Still not convinced Giampiero Mogini and Vera Quinonen. In fact, the judgments were mainly negative; The opinion that goes to the eldest predicts the release of the journalist and Kenonen in a few episodes. For the third episode, Giampiero and Veera will certainly be able to try to follow what was shown in Saturday’s performance, trying to ignore the judgments and controversies surrounding.

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After the last performance, Mogini still wanted to respond to Lucarelli’s criticisms by annoyingly saying he didn’t need lessons about performing on the show. He also thanked for the compliments, stressing that he had found a new explanation for the continuation of the program. Equally convinced is Veera Kinnunen who wanted to emphasize how well she got to know her traveling companion better, emphasizing that better understanding would definitely benefit future performances.

Will Giampiro Mugeni leave his mark on Dancing with the Stars?

between husbands Dancing with the Stars who – which Exactly noticable as Giampiero Mughini and Veera Kinnunen are likely to leave out. In the first episode, what sparked most interest was the skirmish with the jury and not the performance itself. Not surprisingly, the result was the lowest and only the use of the treasure chest gave a powerful boost to the couple’s ranking. Furthermore, the tension with the jurors was palpable, also considering the legal history between Lucarelli and the journalist. For the second episode, the couple worked hard to improve everyone’s consideration of them, trying to develop a product that was in line with expectations but able to set a margin for growth and improvement.

The choice falls on the delicate Italian waltz, which especially impresses the audience, showing its appreciation with a series of applause. Part of the jury was more alarmed, however, in the final verdict it appears to have found an effective growth compared to what had been observed the previous week. Mariotto, who was the hardest, this time preferred compliments and appreciation in reference to both commitment and artistic idea. Ivan Zazaroni is equally convinced, unlike Lucarelli who instead focuses on the sudden reaction in the final episode. At the end of the vote, the pair still got a decent 30, a score higher than the first performance.

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