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Clyde and the sudden farewell: Unfortunately there wasn’t much to do

Amici is a TV show created by Maria De Filippi to bring out young talents, but at the same time the massive cast members also gained popularity. One of the professional dancers who made history, especially in the early versions of the talent show, is without a doubt Kledi Kadiu.

An Albanian dancer, teacher, and naturalized Italian actor, he gained a lot of satisfaction in his life. However, he had to deal with some tough times. Someone is about a sudden goodbye And it could not be avoided. Let’s find out what happened.

Kledi Kadiu –

Born in Tirana on April 7, 1974, he entered the National Academy of Dance as a young man and graduated in 1992. Immediately after the Tirana Opera House called him where he was a hero in some theater performances, such as Nutcracker and the without chisciotte. His first television experience came in 1996, which allowed him to be the first dancer in popular programs of the United Arab Emirates Mediaset. You’ve got mail And the friends From Maria de Filippi can be mentioned in it Thanks to her, the dancer achieved unparalleled fame.

He is currently in charge of a dance school he founded in 2004 in the Italian capital. He also had the opportunity to try his hand at acting in 2006 in the role of the protagonist of fiction But who would have thought?. So far he’s definitely one of TV’s most beloved characters, but despite this great satisfaction For Clyde, there were some dark moments.

Painful farewell

Fans of the talent show will surely remember that Clayde landed the role of the dance teacher at the school from 2003 until 2017. Prior to that she was part of the team of professional dancers. He recently returned to the studio as a judge to assess the challenge. Many wonder why he left the program Which made him notorious.

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During a weekly interview newCledy explained the reasons for farewell to the program: “When my first daughter arrived, I could no longer dedicate 24 hours a day to work like I did before”. Unfortunately, he had to make that choice reluctantly, but despite everything The hostess always tells him to come back in any capacity He gladly accepts.

Curiosity about CLEDY

In 2009 he wrote an autobiographical book called Better than a fairy tale And so on I got in Naples to Elsa Morante Award.

Kledi judge for Amici -
From Kledi to Amici –

As for his private life, he is married on June 28, 2018 Charlotte LazzariHe is also a dancer who made him the father of Leah and Gabriel. They didn’t end up in the middle of the gossip Through crisis or separation.