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Memo Remigi, after the earthquake the case continues: it has been “disappeared” for two months | Here’s what happens

An alarming situation. Sudden disappearance with no basic explanation. Memo Remigi has now made that decision for two months. But what will happen?

He was last seen in the studio working out Oct. 7. He has not appeared since. It closes in absolute silence. For more than 4 years, Memo Remigi has been the undisputed champion in radio broadcasting on La7, live propaganda.

Remigi note

Several times he drew attention to himself with Create blinds very funny. He even wore the uniform of a special envoy of a region Testaccio in Rome. Exactly in this place, in collaboration with Leonardo BarattaMemo Remigi did a certain test. The man interviewed citizens, subjecting them to a test with which it was possible to check their readiness to face a possible nuclear attack.

The strange disappearance of Memo Remigi

Memo Remigi always showed great looks Irony and goliardia. Thanks to these qualities, he quickly became a regular presence on Rai broadcasts. Today is another day, led by Serena Bortone. It became a constant emotion, a reference point, even Mess because of the gesture towards Jessica Morlacci. Remigi after all this was It has been removed from the Rai program. However, the guy not only “disappeared” from the state network, but also from La7 without any kind of explanation.

Remigi note is He disappeared from La7’s “Propaganda Live.”“From about two monthsabsence for which no explanation was given.

Memo Remigi network photo 20221212
Network Memo Remigi photo

From the La7 radio, no news in this regard came, on the contrary, it continued keep silent. It was Memo Remigi who spoke on the program Non è l’arena where he told a little about how he lives this period and his mental state.

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After all this relationship with Jessica MorlacciEveryone was expecting Memo Remigi to be performed out broadcast. The only program in which he could have appeared again is exactly that Branded La7, live advertising. However, the public cannot understand why the man has stopped appearing on the broadcast. At the moment there is still a certain thing Silence On this issue, but nothing excludes the possibility of this happening in the next few days ads Around.