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Gf 16, Kikó Nalli admits: "I got engaged but..."

Gf 16, Kikó Nalli admits: “I got engaged but…”

Kiko Nali got engaged. After a turbulent love affair with Ambra Lombardoknown in a house From Big brotherThe hairdresser found a woman who made him lose his mind. Through an interview with the magazine right NowAnd get it Explain his current emotional state:

Kiko NaliAbout a month ago, he was happily engaged to a beautiful woman whose identity he will not reveal for privacy reasons. I can only say that she is an extraordinary woman, as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, and that in just a month of dating, she has managed to give me strong feelings. I feel comfortable with her, she is a woman I have a crazy feeling with, and before I was my partner, she had the foresight to wait for the right moment to step into my messy life as a father and as a professional.

between him and his ex-wife Tina Cibulari Quiet Relationships:

Despite the divorce, we never ended our emotional bond. Even if our love lives took different paths and our love ended, the bond of friendship and mutual respect that bound us always remained unshakable and inseparable. We often hear and see each other because of our kids that we never make clear the point of our breakup. We both understand that in order to raise children in a peaceful manner, you need to be a serious and responsible parent before and after divorce.

On the other hand, his relationship with her doesn’t seem to have ended in the best way ambra. because of their history, Kiko Decided to stay away from the small screen:

My love story with Ambra Lombardo It stuck to me like a fly on honey and I wanted to detoxify it.

to ask”Are you still in contact with her?“, Kiko replied:

of course not! I no longer even bother to hear from him and come back to the subject.