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UnoMattina, Matano, and Bortone won't air on December 29: Here's why

UnoMattina, Matano, and Bortone won’t air on December 29: Here’s why

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Rai 1’s programming on Wednesday undergoes major changes

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 They won’t broadcast One morningAnd Today is another day e live the life for him Rai 1. Grid was forced to make many changes within the programming, just to fill in the gaps left by Monica GiandottiAnd Serena Burton e Alberto Matano. But why aren’t the programs broadcast regularly? The Christmas holidays have nothing to do with that, because there has been no stopping these days.

Their absence derives from Journalists’ strike Announced for tomorrow, December 29, 2021. The decision clearly has repercussions on the schedule. L ‘Usigrai It has called for this mobilization because it is not accepted The cuts were made for the third edition of TGR and sports news at night, decided by CEO Carlo Fortez.

The company responded to the allegations. He stressed that there will be no negative effects on sports enthusiasts, who will still be able to follow various news on Rai networks. Moreover, the ratings in the time period of the night sports news are very low.

the Cdr from Raisport However, he believes this response is unacceptable.

“We don’t think it is public service logic to rate Tg Sport at night only in terms of ratings, it is the first and only date to inform citizens of the evening sporting events”

Furthermore, RaiSport CDR also indicates that viewers cannot be physically informed through broadcasts, such as 90° Minuto. This is because they don’t air during the week. However, they also add:

“Finally, it is not true that viewers will be able to see the reports of the second division in 90 degrees and DS: in terms of sports rights, we can only broadcast news of the second division in the news”

Journalists ask: Raise their motivation “Instant Recovery of Information Space”, which should not be eliminated without first need Confrontation with union representation.

Rai Uno programming on December 29, 2021

The substitutions scheduled for Wednesday are for, of course, Unomatina, Uji Onaltra Giorno and Live Live. The live broadcast with Monica Giandotti will be replaced by ‘Best’. Instead, regarding the other two programs: Bortone will make way for the movie Aladdin, while Matano Replica of Tale and which Show – starring with Carlo Conte.

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Unlike these three programs, all of them Other broadcasts It will broadcast regularly despite the hit. We’re talking about Italian stories (you’ll start early, about 9 a.m.), È semper mezzogiorno, Tg1 in shortened form and L’Eredità.