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General Vannacci’s case pits FdI colonels against one another: Dancelli against Crocetto

General Vannacci’s case pits FdI colonels against one another: Dancelli against Crocetto

“It is not the task of politics to examine the moral correctness of the content of letters. Not the government or the minority party,” he said John DancelliCoordinator and loyalist of FdI MelonsDefense Minister speaks Guido Croceto“Criminal” slams General Roberto VannacciAuthor of the book The world is upside down, in which he expresses his homophobic theses and attacks immigrants and feminists. Barra, after sparking controversy with his speech for sale online and after disciplinary action initiated by Croceto, was removed from his position as president of the Military Geographical Institute.

However, the friendly fire of the Italian brothers was unleashed against the minister and Doncelli in an interview today. Corrier della Sera up to the dose. “In a free world, one writes what one thinks. If the task of politics is to determine the merit of opinions, that would be the end of democracy”, says the lecturer of FdI. However, he tries to moderate his tone by arguing that Crocetto “did too well” to initiate disciplinary action. “Representing a sophisticated ministry – observes Doncelli – he implemented a mechanism programmed by military procedures so that he could check whether or not what he did conformed to military rules”. Also compatible phrases, but these do not bridge the gap between the two.

Indeed, Donzelli is keen to clarify: “Wannachi as a soldier has done a great service to the nation up to this event”. In short, Doncelli’s fierce defense of the para, despite the protests of the opposition parties (and others) in recent days, the coordinator of the FdI asks the minority: “But what do they want? Stones in the square? Burning books that do not share? A gulag of ideas that do not fit the many currents they advocate?”. And he ends by shooting an arrow in favor of Vannatchee and the illusory contents of his book: “Do not want to destroy Supportive families It’s not homophobic, it’s constitutional.”

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Tanzelli’s words provoke protests from the opposition. “According to him, those responsible in the state can say anything, offend, ignore rights, make racist and homophobic statements. He talks about the constitution, but he hasn’t read it. Not surprisingly, this is the FdI manager’s conception of democracy. Words he should be ashamed of. Know Doncelli, we will always fight hard for Italy not to go backwards in democratic values, but to fight nostalgia and retrogression and move forward,” he says. Silvia RogianiChief Secretary of the Pd Group in the Chamber.

Dem on Twitter Alexander John He writes: “Doncelli’s obsession with Vannacci defies Crocetto. Italy’s brothers don’t have a problem with a general on duty spewing misogyny, racism, homophobia, they have a problem with the democratic party that demands respect for the constitution. This is the party line. Georgia Meloney?”. And John Straw In Italian left-wing attacks: “If the last employee of a very small Italian municipality writes an opinion they disagree with, the right-wing demands immediate dismissal and stoning.
However, if an army general starts a homophobic, sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic crusade, many right-wing representatives in government in this country may discover freedom of expression. The truth is, unfortunately they share it word for word.”