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Look how beautiful Corfu is… but it’s Sardinia – news

Look how beautiful Corfu is… but it’s Sardinia – news

Mari Ermi in Sinise became Crete, and the beaches of Cala Coloritze and Cala dei Cappiani in Ogliastra were used to promote tourism in Sicily. These are just some of the image thefts that have plagued Sardinia in recent years. Not only the real thefts, sand and pebbles, many tourists do during their holidays on the island, where the most famous Sardinian resorts become a mirror that attracts visitors from other regions or countries. August is the last episode these days. Ogliastra is again the victim of robbery. The Hellenic World Facebook page, which has 600,000 followers, and its Instagram profile used a photo of Cala Mariolou, a pearl off the coast of Baunei, which was awarded Italy’s most beautiful sea this year, to promote tourism in Corfu, Greece.

Considering the beauty of the place and the photo taken by photographer Gian Marco Leoni in 2019, the post on Facebook has received 67 thousand likes. A victory monetized by corruption without any rights and without knowing it. As the ‘likes’ piled up, the Hellenic World post couldn’t go unnoticed. Someone saw it and reported it to Baunei Mayor Stefano Moni, who says he’s now ready to launch a legal fight as well. The mayor posted a lengthy post on the municipal administration’s Facebook page about the theft.

“Dear managers of the Hellenic World profile, your 644,000 followers, 67,000 people who ‘like’ your post, should know that the place depicted (beautiful, of course) is not Corfu, but Ispuliketeni-Kala Mariolu, Baunei. Sardinia – writes Monni on the social network – We ask you to protect the many who in good faith rely on misinformation, or dream of seeing what they see.

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A message was also translated into English and sent to the Greek site’s Instagram profile. “Unfortunately, we are used to seeing pictures of Baunei beach to promote other places nationally and internationally – the mayor tells ANSA -: yesterday it happened with classic postcards, today, in the era of social media, pirated pictures travel. In recent times the pillaging of pictures has affected many specific views of our areas. I will observe”.

Now the counterattack is ready. “We evaluate every action against the site and the Hellenic World’s social profile in order to protect our territory,” declares the mayor. In recent years, another Greek site used a photo of Gala Mariolou, passing it off as Corfu, but also used Gala Kotichiou in Cabrera to promote Greece. And the municipality of Baunei had to deal with stolen photos of Cala Goloritze and Cala dei Gabbiani, which magically turned out to be Sicilian destinations. A similar fate befell Mari Ermi on the beach of Kapras in Sinise last year: the film was used to finance a dream stay in Crete.

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