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America, Trump leads in polls: He has 62% preferences among Republicans

America, Trump leads in polls: He has 62% preferences among Republicans

The Four charges They didn’t stop Donald Trump. According to a CBS-YouGov poll, the former president garners 62% of the vote among Republican voters, compared to 16%. Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramasamy’s 7%. Former Vice President Mike Pence has 5 percent and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has 3 percent.

And not only that: 77% of Republican voters say Trump is a victim of political harassment and have broken no law by not wanting to recognize the results of the November 2020 elections, won by Joe Biden.

NYT: Trump Wants to Avoid Republican Debate

In this scenario, according to the latest rumours The New York Times, Trump wants to avoid the first debate between the Republican candidates for the White House, scheduled for August 23, but he wants to meet Joe Biden face to face with all his might. In fact, the former president is “strongly inclined” to take on the current president as advisers see the debate as crucial to his potential victory in the 2024 presidential election.

The NYT reports that a showdown with Biden would pose a challenge to the Republican Party, which has spent two years searching for alternatives to the presidential debate panel, which handles debates between the winners of their respective parties’ nominations. Trump has until Monday, August 21 to give his definitive answer. Alternatively, he might want an interview with Tucker Carlson.