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From waste to transportation, sparks in Pnrr funds

From waste to transportation, sparks in Pnrr funds

Two candidates for mayor of Rome, Roberto Qualteri Version Enrico MichettiFace each other face to face House to house. There are many topics in the study of exchange Bruno Vespa: From waste to transport, to NRP funding. The debate will air tonight at 11.35pm at Roy Uno.

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face to face

The ‘Tribune’ lawyer on the center-right launches an attack on various documents: waste, BNRR finance and government. The Nicola Gingerbread-led area is wreaking havoc in the city, complaining of a lack of focus on the recovery discovered by Conte Bisin’s former finance minister and pointing the finger at the government for missing resources in the capital.

The professor, in response to every impulse, presses his opponent when it comes to defense: “This inspiration for security will be selected when he has Casabound members on Michetti’s list, but this will not happen …» Compared to television, in the first debate of the four candidates in the first round (Carlo Calenda and Virginia Rocky) Competed) He looked very different from leaving the stage of the Casa del Archetype in controversy. “The Lazio region had to forecast some plants, it was by default. He created this environmental catastrophe!», He says, talking about the waste tip.

“It’s bizarre to unload the municipality’s responsibilities in the region – Qualteri responds. Sparks in PNRR funds: “Gualtieri put zero for Rome and PNRR is mentioned only three times in Rome”, Mickey always insists. “I give him an underlined copy of the plan – the former MEF owner responds paradoxically – the only city with dedicated funds is Rome and, moreover, participates in other resources.” Then, answer the question of the state of Tragi. Talking about the need to reduce taxes, the Tribune removes a pebble from its shoe: “If the government had started thinking about Rome … Paris would have had 44 billion”.

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At this point, Dem takes sides in defending the Tech Administrator and, moreover, blames Zamorzia Meloni’s Lamorges’ “broken attacks”. How can you have a fruitful relationship with a government that works well with these extreme positions? During the day, the head of the FDI Squares around Michetti, along with her allies Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani, said: “For several days we were questioned on issues that had nothing to do with capital. In recent days, we have been working to paint the monster, the killer – Thunder Meloni. Someone is making palace deals believing that the citizens are goats.

The center-right candidate underlined his Catholic background: “I always turn the other cheek to attacks without responding. I was a true Catholic.” Outgoing mayor Virginia Rocky would not have voted if M5s leader Giuseppe Conte (along with other Pentestellati) had already made it clear on the ballot that he would vote for Qualdier. “I have to admit the mayor has done a great job,” Michetti sees in his candidacy for Expo 2030. Confirmation Further, in an effort with two members selected from the Calenda list, Renzi says: “If Roberto wins, Rome wins”. As for Rocky, next week, he will meet with elected representatives from the Chamber and the Senate. A series of meetings to restructure the work began yesterday with Pentecostal councilors and continued today with lists of citizens who supported it in the first round. There is no electricity on the horizon, he promised many times, but one promise: «We are. Go on “.