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Russia, US impose new sanctions: 10 ambassadors expelled


New US sanctions on Russia and 10 expelled ambassadors. “The Biden administration is taking steps today to impose a price on Russia’s government shares and intelligence services against US sovereignty and interests,” read a White House statement announcing that Joe Biden had signed an executive order imposing new sanctions on Moscow, including “representatives of the Russian intelligence services” Expelled 10 ambassadors from Russian service in

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained that Russia was preparing a response to the new sanctions imposed by the United States and would announce them in the future. “Our response is inevitable,” he said. Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan has been summoned to the State Department. “It won’t be a pleasant match for him,” Zakarova said.

In announcing the sanctions imposed on Russia’s cyber espionage operations, the United States “formally referred to Russian SVR services as Apt29, CozyBear and The Dukes, as the perpetrators of the widespread spy propaganda that exploited the platform. Solar Wind Orion and other technical information infrastructure”. This was announced by the White House, underscoring the “great determination” of the US intelligence community to carry out large-scale hacking operations on Russian services, which “allowed 16,000 computer systems around the world to be spied on or hacked.” Such a measure of “concern for national and public safety”. Among the measures adopted by Washington today are the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, some of whom are referred to as “agents of the Secret Service.”

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The White House also announced today that the National Security Agency, the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI will release a report entitled “Russian Services Target Russia and Related Networks,” in which they use services to infringe on information systems that provide information about the vulnerabilities of Russian organizations. . They will also advise on what steps to take to identify and protect SVR activities.


“Today, the United States has taken far-reaching action against the Russian government in response to its malicious actions. We will continue to call on Russia for its contradictory actions.” Thus in a tweet US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. “We will act resolutely – to the diplomatic leader in Washington – in response to Russian actions that may harm us or our allies and allies. As much as possible, the United States will seek opportunities for cooperation with Russia, with the aim of building a relationship that is most consistent and predictable with US interests.” In addition, Blinken pointed out in a statement that the State Department “is taking steps to strengthen the cybersecurity federation internationally, including supporting new training classes with partners on policy and technical aspects of publishing cyber incidents and training on responsible state behavior in cyberspace.”


NATO’s North Atlantic Council, NATO’s governing body, has said it will “solidify” with NATO allies “will continue to work in close consultation to address Russia’s actions that pose a threat to Euro – Atlantic security.” In response to Moscow’s “instability measures.” According to the Allies, the federation continues to maintain “unstable behavior”, including “violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and Ukraine” and a series of “violations” and “neglect of numerous international obligations.”

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Examples cited by NATO include “interference in allied elections, including US presidential elections; widespread misinformation campaigns; malicious cyber activities”.

According to the United States and NATO, “all evidence points to the Russian Federation’s responsibility for the hacking experienced by the Solar Winds”, an American information technology company that also serves the U.S. government, whose systems have been infiltrated for several months since 2020. Allies also condemn the “attack on Alexei Navalny” using a nerve agent “from the banned Novichok group”. “Reports that Russia has instigated attacks on US and NATO forces in Afghanistan are also worrying.”

NATO reiterates its call for an end to “provocations” and “immediate action to defuse tensions on the borders of Ukraine and the illegally annexed Crimea.” While continuing to “defend” and “prevent,” the alliance is “open to a specific, focused and constructive dialogue” and “regrettably hold a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council” to continue to ignore the call that Moscow has made since early 2020.

European union

The EU and its member states “express solidarity with the United States on the impact of cyber-attacks, especially on the Solar Winds operation, according to US estimates, conducted by the Russian Federation”. This was announced by the High Representative of the European Union Joseph Borel. Borel notes that the violation of the Solar Winds system has “affected governments and businesses around the world, including EU member states.” According to the EU, “the malicious use of information and information technology undermines the benefits that the Internet and information technology bring to society” and demonstrates the “readiness” of certain “actors” to affect “stability and international security.” As for the war, “everyone should stay away from irresponsible and unstable behavior in cyberspace”.

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