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"Unforgivable mud. Do you feel what you're saying?"  - Daily free

“Unforgivable mud. Do you feel what you’re saying?” – Daily free

Serious allegations, made in the courtroom Georgia Maloney Against Louisiana Lamorgis. With the attack on the CGIL headquarters, during question time about the clashes in Rome last Saturday. The FDI leader, in fact, spoke of a “strategy of tension” and a “deliberately allowed” attack.

In fact there are many, many elements that testify against the Home Minister. The very whole body of suspicion that something has gone wrong. Meloni told her “shy” about the “disaster” to the owner of the Interior Ministry. So the series questions However, Lamorges did not respond. In the evening, the leader of the Italian brothers’ request: Lamorge’s “immediate resignation” after “very serious admission to the room”.

In all of this, we need to intervene here Laura Boldrini. He does it on Twitter, where he openly points the finger at Meloni, throws the ball into the stands and talks about “fascism”. In fact, the former speaker writes: “Was the attack on CGIL deliberately allowed? Did Maloney realize the seriousness of the words he said in the courtroom?”. It is still: “Throwing dirt is unforgivable On companies at such a subtle moment. “So, as mentioned, move the focus:” Instead, condemn neo-fascism and sign the movement to disband Forza Nua, “concludes Laura Boldrini.

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